​How To Enter The Cybersecurity Field With No Experience

With the ever growing demand of professional cybersecurity experts and job openings in the IT industry, many individuals are getting into the field. The market for cybersecurity experts is shouting out for new individuals. The need for cybersecurity experts is expanding year on year.The market for cybersecurity is clear yet how to make yourself attractive to an organization is as yet an inquiry in numerous individuals’ psyches.

The absence of qualified ability is appalling for those associations defenseless against cyber attacks, and yet gives a huge chance to those hoping to enter the field. As far as you have a degree in software engineering or IT networking, or Cybersecurity, you may have a simpler time getting into IT security. However and still, you may experience serious difficulties with no experience to point to on your resume.So, do you think you can enter this gigantic field with no prior experience? If you are, we are sure you’re a bit clueless right now. So, do we think you can get a job with no experience in your hand? Well, yes we do!

We have especially composed this article after researching in the market. This will ideally assist you with finding answers and put you on a way to get your first cybersecurity job.

​How to Enter the Cybersecurity Field with No Experience

Get a Cybersecurity Certification

To get your first job in cybersecurity, one thing that you can do is to get a competitive and in-demand cybersecurity certification. Some of the best certifications to get in 2019 are CompTIA Security+, CEH, CISSP, CISM, CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE Security Certification​.

Sometimes when you apply for a job, you get the interview call but then fail the screening because you didn’t have the required knowledge of how to perform a certain task. These certifications help you in learning the basic skills required to do the designated tasks for the job role. Some of the skills that you can get with these certifications are cryptography, attack defense, risk management, secure network and system, secure clouds, and many more.

Also, these certifications add the weight-age to your resume as well. So, if you have not get selected for the interview so far. These certifications will get you the first interview call and most probably the job as well.

Enroll in Cybersecurity Bootcamp Program

Openings for work are rapidly growing for cybersecurity and information security experts. So as to diminish obstructions to this tech calling, we’re beginning to see greater cybersecurity bootcamps help fill the hole. So, if you want to get a good job and don’t have budget to afford the training for a certification, you can rather enroll yourself in a cyber security bootcamp program. This will not only be affordable but equally informative and helpful in your IT vocation.

Network with Cybersecurity Professionals

Another thing that you can do to widen your chances to get a good job in cybersecurity industry is to follow the experts and professionals. You’ll have to do a little homework for this first and find the influencers and big name of the industry. Follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, their blogs and engage yourself in writing comments, replying, and liking what they shared.

Furthermore, There are numerous companies that are working on creating a community to bring cybersecurity professionals together. You can join these communities and gain the knowledge right from the experts, share your questions and queries, and suggest possible solutions.

Also, following the industry experts is not only about flattering them. Instead it is more about you getting the right direction and learning from the experts. This will not only get you noticed in the industry but will also add to your skills.

Get a Master’s Degree

Regardless of all the perks you can get with a bachelor’s degree, the wonders that a master degree would do are matchless. So, if you don’t want to settle for any job that you get then you will have to get yourself a master’s degree in any specific program of cybersecurity. This will not only add a degree to your resume but also skills and greater job opportunities.

Focus on Developing In-Demand Cybersecurity Skills

Identify the biggest skills gaps in the cybersecurity industry and get yourself trained for that particular skill. In this way, you will have bigger chance to hit the bull’s eye and get the job since the competition will be less and the skill is highly in-demand.

Do Informal Learning

Don’t restrict yourself to only getting certifications or training but also do informal learning along with it. By informal learning, we mean to say that you should watch relevant videos on YouTube, attend webinars, read blogs, take quizzes, solve practice exams, and seek advises from the mentors.


Until and unless you are not getting your dream job, it is always advised to do freelance on smaller projects and learn and grow from them. So, make an account on UpWork or Fiver now, specify your skills, and bid your first Freelance job. Soon you’ll get the name in the industry and your job will come walking to you instead of you strugglinng gor it.

Apply for Entry Level Job

Everything listed in this article aside, the most important that you can do is to apply for entry-level jobs. Your goals must be high but you shouldn’t be ashamed to take the baby steps. As far as yo’re moving forward, you’re achieving something and getting closer to your aim. So don’t feel small if you get a job with low wages or have to do an internship for free. As far as you’re getting industry experience, the efforts are worth it. So, apply today to all the entry=level jobs that you thought are not good enough and take your first step towards limitless success.