5 Trends To Be Considered By Small Businesses In 2019

When we talk about small businesses, it is often hard to keep up with the trends. As most of the small businesses are busy in marking a space in the industry. They are not focused on any trends rather are desperately looking for opportunities to earn great revenue. But earning revenue requires a properly planned strategy. This properly planned strategy is incomplete without technology. The Internet has integrated into our lives so much that no business can think of surviving without it. Like Bill Gates said: “If your business is not on the internet then soon it will be out of business”. And it’s true; it has become that important. Even many of the small businesses are established on the internet, without any physical entity.

The smart small businesses owners keep a keen eye on the future. They don’t just start a business because the idea seems interesting rather they trust in the idea that reasonably possess a potential future. They think what technologies or marketing efforts will bring them the traction they require. So keeping in view such small businesses, we are writing this article to let you all informed about the technological trends that will dominate or continue to dominate this year too.

2019 is going to be a transformative year for the small businesses as the AI, voice recognition technology and social media platforms are prevailing and are becoming essential for the marketing of small businesses.


Let’s discuss the technological trends that all the small businesses need to consider:

1. Optimizing content for the voice searches

Small businesses are utilizing Search engine optimization tactics to rank higher on the SERPs. The technological advancements have grown so much that we in our normal lives are interacting with AI assistants like Siri, and Alexa to help us find, shop or communicate with the concerned entity. And now SEO and voice searches are colliding and opening up a great number of opportunities for small local businesses which aim for optimizing the content on voice searches as well. Content is the king of marketing and utilizing it in creative ways can always get you the desired traction. Many of the small businesses clienteles are jumping on to voice search bandwagon and are establishing on it a strong business.

The increasing use of mobile phones for searching has made voice searches crucial for all the businesses. For example, if you want to probe Cox internet plans, you’ll simply ask Siri to find yourself the best cox internet service and the virtual assistant will find you the most suitable plans offered by Cox Communications.

2. Utilizing Facebook Messenger’s potential for marketing

Utilizing Facebook’s potential for marketing is a wise decision. Many businesses started with a mere Facebook page and have grown into a big entity now. Facebook contains 1.3 billion active users, which makes it an incredibly important platform for small and even establishing businesses. You can utilize messenger to facilitate the shopping drives. It can also be utilized as an efficient customer service platform, and to drive awareness campaign of the brand, and actually show the customer that you care about their opinion. Messenger proves to be an efficient platform for the customer service as it helps the customer in resolving his/her problem in less than a minute, ultimately building trust between the customer and the brand.

3. Utilizing social media platforms to drive sales

Many small businesses are unable to find the most suitable social media platform to promote their products on. Well, surprisingly social media platforms not only help in creating brand awareness but also allow you to build a store on these platforms. For example, we see many pages over Instagram and Facebook etc. selling their products. These platforms have become essential for all the businesses to promote their sales and attract the audience which was unaware of their existence in the very first place.

Snapchat also is competing with Instagram and Facebook. Many of the businesses are also targeting Snapchat for selling purposes as it is the “new cool” nowadays.

4. Lending hand to employees to pay off their student loan

It is always hard to make the talented people stay longer which is why many of the small businesses are adopting the strategy of helping employees with their student loans to make them stay as long as possible. This strategy is not only helping the employees but also helping your business to grow. Symbiotic, in nature. These fresh and talented individuals have so much more to offer you when it comes to making your business prominent online and growing it at the same time. They can provide you with fresh ideas and techniques. It is a mutually benefitting experience between your business and your employees.

5. Offering customers with financing options

Are you familiar with the Square? Well, who isn’t? Square became prominent for providing secure credit card processing solutions. Now, Square is also helping its customers with short term lending to help them pay for their purchases. As a customer of merchants is able to shop from $250 to $10,000 and can pay back square the amount through fixed monthly instalments. Providing your customers or clienteles ease of payment can also give a boost to your business in a very short time span. All it takes is offering convenience and ease to the receivers of your services.

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