How Are Online Casinos Secured

In general, casinos are among the most secured places on earth. Land-based casinos are very often equipped with a state-of-the-art CCTV system with face recognition technology. But how do online casinos deal with security and fairness?

All licensed casinos must comply with many security regulations. We have selected the most important ones, which relate to the protection of personal data, payment security technology and the guarantee of the fairness of games, so players are protected from rigged games.

Secured Online Cas

Protection Of Personal Data

The first type of security is when you enter data and registering in an online casino – Privacy Policy. These guidelines determine the usage of information the casino requests from you, and how it will protect it from misuse by a third party. Each casino will be interested in essential things, such as your name, residence, telephone, email, etc. Furthermore, the casino will be linked with your finances – a card or bank account number or e-wallet, or you can make a deposit in Bitcoin like you can do at 7bitcasino so there will be no evidence about the transaction. Online casinos will also ask you for location information in order to ensure the highest quality of their services and products.

Online casinos always guarantee that they will not provide this information to a third party. Exceptions are third companies or employees hired to protect sensitive data. Casinos defend themselves against hackers and by using the most secure firewalls and many other available security systems and methods. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself (read it) with the Privacy Policy of your chosen casino before you agree to the terms and conditions of the online casino and start playing.

SSL Payment Security

The secure way how casinos move money and the entire electronic banking system, in general, is through an encryption protocol. Thanks to it, all transactions are completely safe. Not only on the casino account but also during the sending. The most used is a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer which works on a simple principle.

The party that sends the money, whether to the casino player or vice versa, encrypts all the information and sends the data package. Only the user to who the sender sent instructions on how to do it then decrypts the data. If someone gets the information, they won’t be able to use them because they don’t have the key to decoding it. And to meet security standards, online casino also hire security experts to check and test the SSL system regularly.

Random Number Generator Analysis

Everything in online gambling revolves around a random number generator (RNG), which determines the outcome of almost all casino games and is, therefore, a key element of fair play in online casinos. That is why monitoring the fairness of RNG is an essential element of all audits.

Individual auditors have their own and well-protected know-how to control a random number generator. For example, the audit firm IGtech performs RNG testing in 2 phases:

  1. Testing Of Source Code And Its Composition:

  • Identification of RNG algorithm and its weaknesses
  • Verification of the internal state of the RNG
  • Verification of unpredictability and non-repeatability of RNG
  • Verification of the use of random numbers, including change of values

  1. Statistical Testing Of The RNG

There are several methods for statistical testing. The most well-known methods include the “DieHard” or Chi-square test. The specific analysis is proposed by the test laboratory depending on the RNG system.