How To Choose TWS Earphones?

People are going crazy over True Wireless Stereo abbreviated as TWS. Are you also wondering why everyone is drooling over them?

This is because TWS has allowed the users to connect two audio devices employing Bluetooth. Users can easily transit both, the left and right channels separately. Manufacturers have introduced a huge number of advantages by applying this technology on the earphones.

What is TWS?

TWS is a revolutionary idea as it is using both, Bluetooth and TWS technology at the same time.

If you think we have summed up all that TWS has to offer the users then you are wrong because the biggest surprise is yet to be revealed. The biggest and most amazing surprise regarding TWS earphones is that they have a charging base that is ultra-blessed with magnetic induction. It has the wonderful ability to charge a battery of 60 mAh in the time-lapse of just 30 minutes. The battery can further work for 2 to three hours.

After knowing all the facts and figures you must be geared up to get your hands on TWS earphones. Before you get confused between hundreds of qualities of TWS earphones, let us tell you how to choose the best TWS earphone for your gadgets.

We are all set to brighten up your day by paving your way to the best TWS earphone so give this article a careful read and stay tuned to know further.

Is it Water Resistant and Dustproof?

Although there are many TWS earphones available in the market you have to find the water-resistant and dustproof one. As you know that earphones are so small and can be fell anywhere. You can’t protect them every single time. Moreover, our ears produce wax that is beneficial for our ears but not for our earphones.

To avoid any sort of inconvenience caused by ear wax or water, you should buy water-resistant and dustproof earphones.

Power Bank for Your Mobile and Earphones

One of the biggest problem users faces while using TWS technology is the low battery of either phone or earphones. We ask you to find out an earphone that comes with power bank for both, mobile phone and earphones.

Don’t be misguided by the small charging case because it can only be used for charging earphones in emergency cases but cannot support a mobile phone.

Perfectly Fits

We want to let you know that some earphones are so pretty to look at, offers promising features and have fascinating colors but are felt so painful when fitted in-ear. This problem arises when the earphones don’t have a shape suitable for your internal structure or maybe they earphones have some manufacturing flaw.

So we suggest you wear every single earphone before buying it. Make sure it fits perfectly in your ear and you feel comfortable wearing them.

Test the Sound Quality

The most significant and main function of any earphone is to produce the sound. No matter how pretty it looks or how brightly colored it is if it is not producing a clear sound then it is completely useless.

Test the sound quality of earphones before leaving the shop of the seller. Play different sort of musical audio to know voice quality more closely. Good earphones transmit voice clearly to both, the wearer and the caller.

Latest Version of Bluetooth

Many people don’t know the fact that Bluetooth earphones are currently available in two Bluetooth versions. One is version 4.2 and the latest one is 5.0.

Although the earphones with the latest version of Bluetooth are a little expensive we suggest you buy them. They have better-transmitting speed as compared to the old version. The fastest speed offered by them is 2 Mbps. It’s not just a matter of speed; in fact, it will allow you to connect with the devices that are at a longer distance. With the aid of the latest version of Bluetooth, you can connect to the devices that are even 300 meters apart from you. The sound quality also gets improved with the up-gradation of the Bluetooth version.

So we conclude that the latest version of Bluetooth has all the right qualities that can make your earphones perfect.

Automatic Pairing and Start-Up

Yes, you read that right! There are the latest earphones available in the market that can be paired automatically. They are very convenient to use and highly recommended. You should get your hands on them as soon as possible!

Have you read all the instructions carefully? If yes, then no one can stop you from reaching the best TWS earphones! Make sure to keep in mind all the characteristics of highly recommended TWS earphones. Most importantly, don’t just buy the earphones because they are expensive but if they have all the above-mentioned characteristics then don’t mind spending on them.

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