How to Repurpose Your Broken iOS Device

What makes an iPhone a great smartphone is its LCD touch screen, speaker, mic, battery life, camera, and many other features.

If one of these elements becomes damaged, it does not mean that your device is completely useless.

There are several creative ways to repurpose your device and give it a whole new purpose.

A New Game System

Let’s say your iPhone or iPad has a poor speaker, and a broken rear camera.

Even though this sounds very inconvenient, if you are planning to upgrade your device anyway, this is the opportunity to use it as a game system.

Rather than having to save storage space for contacts, pictures, and other important data, you can turn your device into a dedicated gaming system and download that one game you’ve always wanted to.

Here’s a plus: You won’t have to worry about conserving your battery to do other tasks on your phone like making a phone call or checking your email.

A High-Quality Camera

If you are stuck with a device that has a damaged volume button or even a cracked screen, your device can technically still be used as a high-quality camera.

Rather than spend hundreds or even thousands on a handheld or DSLR, use your phone to capture an image.

For instance, the new iPhone 12 has a night mode and Smart HDR 3 camera features. It has wide and ultra-wide cameras that bring in 27 percent more light than any other model, which allows for images to retain detail and color despite the light setting. Smart HD3 uses science to balance elements such as color, sharpness, and texture.

Depending on your device, you could already own a studio-quality camera.

Data Storage

Even though it may not be convenient for you to use your phone daily due to damage, still keep it handy because you never know when you need to save important data.

As long as your LCD screen works, you can use your device to store contact information, send and receive emails, save passwords and other important notes, scan and save documents, make voice recordings (if your mic is working) and take pictures (if your camera is working).

If you have data on your computer that you‘d like to store on another device, you can also load information directly to your phone.

Once you have all of the important information needed, be sure to back everything up on iCloud so you can have it forever.

Home appliances

Are you constantly losing your remote control? Consider turning your damaged device into one.

The App Store has several universal remotes that are compatible with smart TVs.

If you need help getting up in the morning, use your phone as an alarm clock. If you need to keep track of your time in other ways, use your phone as a stopwatch or timer.

Even though home phones are not as common as they once were, if you are ever in need of one, just use your unused or damaged device. A typical home does not have many features besides displaying caller ID, so using a damaged iPhone won’t feel any different.

Depending on the damages, owning an unused or broken iPhone can still be useful in so many ways. But if you want your phone to actually function the way it’s meant to, there is always an option to get it repaired.

Repair services such as iFixYouri can fix your device while saving you money and time. If you are not sure what exactly is wrong with your phone, a free diagnostic service is also provided.

For the iPhone specifically, iFixYouri repairs:

  • Broken glass
  • LCD
  • Batteries
  • Water damage
  • Vibrate switch
  • Ear speaker
  • Volume button
  • Front/ Rare camera
  • Power button
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Charging port

After this is all said and done, if you don’t think repurposing or fixing your phone is worth it, you can always sell your device to a buy-back company in the condition that it is in.