Let’s Netflix And Casino

So, you enjoy visiting your favourite online casino from home? And, what if we told you that you could also enjoy your favourite films and television series whilst playing your beloved Slots? Well, you’d laugh us out of town, but it’s all true! Keep reading to find out what entertainment-themed offerings are waiting for you to come and play!

On our first trip down the red carpet we encounter the loveable, yet raunchy, furry character that is Ted. After thrusting his way across our screens in 2012, Ted has decided to dip his fluffy toe into the ever-expanding world of Slots. This new and vibrant game, launched and created by OJO, has already been found to be wildly popular, Ted’s well-known phrases scattered between every couple of spins. Included is a rather colourful impression of a Boston woman, and a deadpan apology for not paying attention to your efforts because he was “sending a tweet”. These blast through your speakers when you least expect it, whilst your little thunder buddy remains snoozing in his drunken slumber. When your sleeping bear awakes, though not very often, bonus games are triggered which allow you the chance of a greater win. The game, in essence, captures exactly what our dear Ted is: unpredictable, unashamed and untameable. 

Can you remember a time where the world wasn’t utterly obsessed with Game of Thrones? Neither can we. But now this fan favourite can not only be plastered across your television screens, but also your reels, when you log on to play Slots. Produced by Microgaming, this new addition to Slots allows the player to be swiftly catapulted into the world of Westeros. Some even argue that this is one of the few TV-themed Slots that actually succeeds in capturing the tone of the show, thanks to the familiar soundtrack. Across the reels you will find all of the family crests featured, along with the Game of Thrones logo as the wild symbol and the “Iron Throne” as the scatter – the surrounding symbols are simply the classic playing cards you’ve come to expect. Also, at any time during the game you can get stacked wilds and GoT house symbols which vastly increase your chances of winning.

The next famous franchise to grace the reels is Jurassic World, also produced by Microgaming. Taking the player over to an isolated island, where dinosaurs still reign supreme, you will be left to watch your spins go to work as they’re taken over by Velociraptors, Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyls and their equally as carnivorous friends. With 243 paylines available, the Jurassic themed game is one of the most exciting movie Slots to be played. The gameplay becomes even more engaging if you are lucky enough to collect three of the Amber scatter symbols. To earn yourself one of these much sought-after treats you will receive 10 free spins along with access to one of the following: Gyrosphere Valley with increasing multiplier trails, Creation Lab with Rolling Reels and Cyro Wilds or the Raptor Den that also includes Wild Scatter. Now, if that doesn’t get your nerd juices flowing, then I don’t know what else will!