The Good and Bad shades of Online dating

Online dating is trending nowadays. From Millennials to Gen-Z, everyone is shifting to online dating to find their soulmate. Youngsters prefer to have dates on online dating apps before going on a real date in the actual world.

According to the survey done by Betway online casino, Tinder, Badoo, and Bumble are the top trending dating apps in the AppStore that are preferred globally.

However, every coin has two sides. There are some advantages and disadvantages of online dating. Let us get a sneak peek at them.

Perks of online dating

Saving of time

Time is of the essence, and everyone knows it. People have to spend time with their families, fuel their businesses and make time for self-healing. Life will be much easier if there will be a way to test your partner or date before actually going out in the real world. Online dating has changed the scenario and presented a golden opportunity for people to have a look at their dates. With online dating, you can talk with the person and get to know about different aspects of their personality. In case you see any red flags, you can avoid the person without getting too involved.

Access to a diverse pool of people

Having access to several people in your hands is one of the biggest advantages of online dating. Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, with online dating, you can select your preferences and have access to people that you prefer. Online dating allows you to connect with people in a jiffy. Several dating apps have different filters that allow you to do a targeted search and search for a soul mate according to your choice.

Yes, to the informal way

Millennials and Gen-Z, both demographics, have complex mindsets and preferences. They want to go on several dates before actually committing to a person. Love is complex for them. They can be in love with each other and stay unmarried for a long time. However, in real dates, there is a lot of pressure to do everything right, and people have to go out of their comfort zone that may be seen as fake behavior. However, online dating keeps things informal so that you can feel comfortable on the first encounter. You can be your real self as you are in your comfort zone, and there is no unnecessary pressure on you.

Help from AI in matchmaking

With online dating apps, you get several tools with which you can refine your search. You can stay away from lurkers, stalkers and weed them out of your search using your own preferences. Even the algorithms in these apps help you encounter new personalities so that you don’t have to look at the same pool of people again and again.

Option to take things slow

Some people may find their soulmate on the first encounter, but for others, the journey is a slow one, or some people like to take things slow. With online dating, you get the flexibility to have your dates without following a strict time frame. You can talk to that person on a daily or once-a-week basis according to your preference. You can control the pace of your relationship according to your choice and take months before going out on an actual date. Until you are comfortable with the person, you can control all the aspects of the relationship.

No to family pressure

One of the biggest dilemmas that people face in today’s world is to tunnel through the pressure of family members and stay true to your idea of a love life. Several times, in the arranged meetings, due to the involvement of the family members, the girl and the boy cannot open to each other properly. With online dating, you can totally remove the involvement of the family members until you are comfortable with your partner. You can meet several people before choosing one to do on an actual date. You can take your time to find your soulmate, and no relative will be there to judge on your choices.

Cons of online dating

Deceiving looks

When it comes to online dating, people put their younger, older, or edited photos on the app. So, you can really get a true judgment about their looks and personality. If you really care about physical appearance, then you should know that photos on these apps can be quite deceiving. You need to be very particular while using these apps and do not make a persona in your mind only by looking at the photos on these apps.

Thin line between reality and fantasy

When it comes to dating apps, people have the golden opportunity to present the best version of their personalities. However, a person is not always at his/her best in the real world. When you want to come into a relationship with a person, you need to get in touch with every personality of that person. So, in online dating, you can easily lose your perspective on reality and get infatuated with people’s fake persona. Testing the compatibility between two persons can be done on online dating, so you have to get in touch in the real world to do so.

Detecting truth can be tricky

There are endless possibilities in the online dating world. The dating apps land you in a world in which you can connect to people without any limitation. So, you can connect to your ideal partner or to a bad personality, and you will never be able to get hold of the reality. A person who is perfect in fooling people can fool you and show a different personality that is far away from his true identity. So, stay aware of the red flags whenever they arise.

Final Verdict

With COVID-19, everything is disrupted, but online dating has allowed people to connect with other people and communicate. No doubt, there are some cons to deal with, but overall, you get full control over your dates, and you get time to take things according to your pace. So, use the apps according to your preferences wisely and enjoy the wonders of online dating