Top 8 Things to Look for on Home Furniture Store Websites

Doing a Google search for “online home furniture store websites” is going to turn up so many options you could never browse them all. And the fact is that most of those websites have exactly the same products, “drop shipping” from the same warehouse, even though their prices can vary greatly.

If you want to find an online furniture store that has unique pieces at affordable prices, with satisfaction guaranteed, look for these features of their website to determine legitimacy.

Start with the About Page

Most people don’t read the about page of a shopping site, and the owners of the site know that very well. If they are an affiliate business or drop shipper, they probably won’t bother much with their about page. A low-quality furniture site will have very little information about the company or its management, may not even include a location, and may be poorly written.

Look for store reviews.

Our culture has become so review-centric that Amazon made a show about it with “Uploaded.” The good side to that is that you can get some honest opinions about service and delivery before making a purchase. This can save you a lot of hassle by avoiding online furniture stores that may not be on the up and up.

Check the return policy.

You should be able to return anything you buy online within reasonable circumstances. The inability to return or exchange due to a lack of satisfaction should be a big red flag to walk away and find a different furniture store. They should also insure the furniture during shipping so that you are protected if anything happens before or during delivery.

Check the shipping.

You see a couch that you priced for $900 listed on an online furniture website for $600 and jump on the order. You get all the way to the end, and discover they are going to charge $400 for shipping.

This may seem absurd, but often unscrupulous furniture websites will sneak in those extraordinary shipping costs when you aren’t expecting it, roping you in for more than the furniture is actually worth. The most reputable online furniture outlets offer free shipping, at least over a certain order amount.

Look for selection and variety.

The biggest appeal to shopping for home decor and furniture online is that you have a larger variety and selection than if you shop in your local furniture store. Some online furniture stores are geared toward a particular theme, brand, or style. If you want to use a blend of elements or contrasting colors and patterns, you need an online store that offers many themes to mix and match as you please.

And, lastly, don’t forget the security. Make sure that any furniture store website you choose has a verified merchant account in good standing and appropriate SQL certificates to process payments. This is the only way to make sure that you are secure while shopping for furniture online.