10 Underestimated Marketing Tools

Did you know that 90% of people searching for products do not start searching with a preconceived notion about a brand? That is a lot of people a brand can prospect through marketing. And marketing is as complex or as simple as you make it. Yes, it is not a sophisticated black hole, where the more you know the more confusing it gets. If you have a clear understanding of your company goals, then you can work towards achieving those goals. But half the battle is won when you have the right tools to supplement your efforts. So, here is a list of 10 underestimated marketing tools that will ease your marketing campaign journey.


Slowly becoming a favorite among marketers for its content marketing and SEO insights, Buzzsumo is often underestimated. The platform has a free and paid version and companies can exercise either option based on their needs. But regardless of which version you are using, a simple search will give you insight into the better-performing pages on your website. This information can be used to target content marketing efforts accordingly.


Email marketing has become a staple in all marketing campaigns. Simply sending cold emails is not enough and tools like Mailshake are great in maximizing the benefits of your efforts. Though this platform is slowly gaining traction, its ability to conduct auto follow-ups is still largely underestimated. Despite not offering a free version, this marketing tool is great for converting leads to contacts.


When you send out marketing emails you want to put your best foot forward. A beautiful signature maker like Newoldstamp allows businesses to personalize their efforts and share details like social media links, which is difficult to integrate into an email. Though Newoldstamp is still an underestimated marketing software, its benefits include the ability to track analytics. This tool has affordable prices and is a simple addition to supplement your email marketing campaign.


Part of a good marketing campaign is understanding the marketing climate. Mention is a great tool in allowing companies to understand the conversations around their brand, competitors, and topics of interest. Though underrated, this tool helps companies improve and target their efforts. The best part is this marketing tool offers a one month free trial that you can try before fully committing to the tool.

Dead Link Checker

Sometimes it is vital to provide backlinks when drafting an article. But a few days, weeks, months, or years down the line these links end up dead and affect the SEO of your website. Since it is not feasible to manually sift through dead links, Dead Link Checker is a great marketing tool to take care of this. Dead Link Checker has a free manual checker and paid automated services to enhance your marketing efforts. Despite being and underestimated marketing tool, its benefits towards reducing bounce rates can have a lasting impact on websites. Remember, organic SEO is 5.66% better than paid and promoted one.

Hello Bar

This marketing tool is slowly gaining a group of loyal users. But the growing use of this marketing tool will surely take it off the underestimated marketing tool category. Hello Bar offers a range of marketing assistance including templates, custom designs, and pop ups that encourage data collection and social media likes. They offer free and paid services that you can choose from based on your marketing needs.

Google Analytics

With a surge of analytical tools, it is easy to underestimate Google’s version of this. Ranging from basic features, such as tracking engagement to real-time reports. There is a free and paid version that allows you to choose a version based on your marketing needs. Regardless of your preference learning how to use Google Analytics to your benefit will surely benefit your marketing campaign.


Customer support is a big part of ensuring company’s marketing efforts paying off. And there are multiple marketing tools available for this purpose. While Userlike is an underestimated marketing tools, its ability to provide mobile and website chat support is unmatched. Given that many consumers find the chat feature as a friendly way to interact with a company, this marketing tool can become a great addition to any company. They have a free trial option, which companies can try before buying.


This is a great marketing tool designed to reduce bounce rates. Though still largely underused, HotJar is able to provide its users with information to improve customer experience and engagement. With the ability to help struggling marketer convert visitors to customers, this marketing tool is slowly gaining traction. The best part is this service offers a one month free trial.


Part of ensuring a company’s success is making sure that all aspects of marketing campaign are in check. Piktochart is great to take care of the visual and design end of things. Though still an underrated marketing tool, Picktochart is a great way to supplement words with graphics. Unlike other platforms, this has a range of monthly to lifetime membership offers, and you can access their innumerable graphic templates and resources.

Marketing is a key component in all businesses and targeting these efforts is important. Targeted marketing efforts are 376% more likely to succeed. Create a plan and use these underestimated marketing tools to supplement your efforts and get great results.


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