What Everybody Ought To Know About Bba Digital Marketing?

 BBA Digital Marketing is a course designed to cater to students aspiring to build a career in the web domain and explore the various channels in digital marketing.  The course gives deep insight into the way marketing functions, market research, planning and running campaigns and explores buyer psychology.

Another aspect of the course is about creating crisp and strategic communication messages and channelizing these through various online channels including social media. Equipped with a degree in BBA Digital Marketing, the professional can aspire for a career in advertising agencies, e-commerce sector, digital media organisations or multi-national companies with strong marketing teams.

Eligibility Criteria 

Though there is no set criteria for a course in Digital Marketing, the minimum qualification would be a higher secondary level certification, basic knowledge of computer functionality and web surfing skills.

Here are some fields in which you can pursue a career after acquiring a BBA in Digital Marketing:

1. E-commerce

One of the primary successes for leading e-commerce websites is their digital marketing strategy. As per a recent survey, 37 million social media visits drove up to 5, 29,000 orders in which Facebook was the primary contributor to get higher traffic to the websites.

With the help of unique marketing campaigns, powerful social media strategy and content, E-commerce websites have been able to draw numerous visitors to the website and ensure lead conversions. 

2. Email Marketing

With a BBA in digital marketing, one of the specializations you can pursue is in Email marketing strategies and communications. Right from drafting audience-centric messaging with catchy subject lines to choosing the right imagery for the emailers, it is one of the top-notch ways to engage with the audience. 

3. Marketing Automation

 One of the most popular roles in digital marketing, it involves working on a marketing automation platform for building, testing and ensuring distribution of campaigns. Since this role is heavily reliant on understanding of data and tracking the sources of traffic, it requires a good knowledge of Google Analytics and Excel.  

4. Brand Management

 Considered to be one the most glamorous and promising fields, the role of a brand manager is to develop sound brand strategy and prepare promotion strategies based on consumer research and popular marketing trends. The role also extends to coordinating with vendors for understanding how to improve product design and implementation. 

5. Content Strategist 

One of the key roles in digital marketing, their role is to come up with content which is in line with the company’s objective and audience. With the help of analytic tools, they need to determine what topics work with the audience and write as per SEO guidelines for increased traffic and engagement. 

In the nutshell, pursuing a career in Digital Marketing is beneficial as online presence has become a must-have for every business. To be a wholesome digital marketer, it is important to develop skills in various wings – Digital advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Content creation and strategy, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).