7 Ways You Can Cash-in Playing CS:GO

CS:GO, with all its ups and downs during the past, has become one of the most popular shooters. For a Counter-Strike game, such success had to happen because of the special place it holds in our hearts. 

After all these years, the last game in the franchise, Global Offensive, made the franchise popular among the new generations. Some players found ways of making some serious money while playing the game they love. 

Besides playing in tournaments, there are ways players can earn cash if they play their cards right.

What are their secrets? Can you do the same as them? Should you sell CS:GO skins online and make money?

The popularity of the game made making money possible in many different ways that some of us can use to our advantage.

In this article, you’ll find out how you can cash-in on your knowledge and skill in CS:GO. 

  • Play Leagues

If you’re a skilled player and you’re a member of a solid clan, playing leagues is something that should be first on your list. Major CS:GO leagues have big prizes for reaching the top among strong competition. 

If you think you have what it takes and compete with some of the best in the game, winning such leagues will bring you a huge cash prize. These leagues have sponsorships of big brands that guarantee a high winning pool and prizes for reaching the final stages. 

However, if you’re just an average team, we suggest taking a shot on some minor leagues until you get some experience before stepping up on the big boys’ court. Making your CS:GO ranks on the minor stages will help you get the experience and compete on the higher levels.

  • Play Tournaments

Same as with leagues, tournaments are the most popular way of making big cash prizes. A big difference between the league and the tournament is that tournaments take less time to complete. League matches take weeks to complete, but tournament matches have tight schedules and finish much faster. 

Entering tournaments and earning more skills will bring in some cash if you’re dedicated enough to make your clan good enough to reach the top. Start with some minor tournaments until you and your team develop tactics and learn to play together. 

Pro tournaments have some of the best in the business playing, and you’ll need all the skill you can get if you’re ever making some success. 

Learn by playing – the top might be closer to you with each tournament played.

  • Join Challenges

One interesting way of making money while playing is joining challenges. It’s the new and popular game mode that many players use for increasing their skill level. The prizes of the challenges are just a cherry on top when completing them and can bring you some significant money. 

Compared with some AAA titles like COD or Battlefield, CS:GO has challenges in which you win something at the end, and it’s definitely something you should look into if you’re already skilled at playing the game.

  • Sell Skins

The easiest way of making money in the game is by selling your skins. Some of the most expensive CS:GO skins can bring in hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you sell them online to the right person. 

Skins are a very popular part of CS:GO, and some players don’t care about spending cash on something they desire. The most expensive CS:GO knife ever sold cost $60000, and to this day, it’s the most expensive in-game item anybody bought.

  • Stream Your Matches

Streaming your games on platforms like Twitch brings a lot of money if you provide good and exciting content. You would make your money by donations and subscriptions made by registered users on the network that enjoys the content you provide.

It might sound easy, but this kind of business is not for everybody, and you would really need to step up your game if you’ll have any luck making money.

  • Become a Coach

If you’re a skilled and experienced player, but you’re tired of competing on high levels. Becoming a coach might bring you cash if you know how to pass the knowledge to others. You can offer your services to inexperienced players who would like to compete and increase their skill level. 

Your tips and tricks might be your biggest asset. Try out sharing them with those that haven’t had luck figuring them out by themselves. Some players are ready to pay the opportunity to learn something new and be competitive in the major tournaments. 

  • Talk About the Game on YouTube

YouTube is a great platform for making money, as you can see by many successful YouTubers bragging about their life. If you have good knowledge about the game and have skills in presenting and commenting, you should start a YouTube channel. 

What’s better than talking about the game you love and analyzing matches of some of your favorite clans? 

You will enjoy every moment spent talking about the game and sharing your thoughts. YouTube can bring you much sponsorship that will bring in extra cash by presenting their products or services. 


With a growing player base and a core of old-school players, Counter-Strike will still be relevant in the coming years. Playing CS:GO is fun, but also you can make cash while doing it. 

Use some of our advice and cash in on your skillset you have built over the years of playing. Figure out which path you should take that suits you best. 

The money is out there, so seize the opportunity and grab it.