Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.0, 1.20.10, and 1.20.50

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.0, 1.20.10, and 1.20.50: unique mobs and interesting locations where players can find treasures and other valuables.

Unique Features Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.0, 1.20.10 and 1.20.50

The developers have made the cubic world fascinating. In Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.0 version and players have new classes, and they can also get acquainted with new mobs.

Use all the opportunities to have fun with your favorite game.


Every user of the cubic world knows that there are many different biomes. Players explore the most interesting for themselves and find many interesting opportunities.

For example, in an Ancient City that can be visited in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.0, 1.20.10, and 1.20.50, they can find lost treasures. Among these, there may be not only valuables and gold, but also unique items.


Among them, a fragment of an Echo can be distinguished. With its help, players get the opportunity to craft incredible objects, such as the Recovery Compass.

You can get to this area only by overcoming Deep Dark. A very dark and dangerous place inhabited by a terrible monster with great power. It is worth noting that previously it was possible to meet with similar creatures only by installing Mods for Minecraft PE.



The most important component of the whole gameplay, of course, is adventures. It is interesting for players to discover new spaces, and get acquainted with local plants and animals.

And, of course, in Minecraft Beta, absolutely incredible creatures have appeared that have never visited the cubic world before. It is possible that the hero could have seen someone like this in Mods for Minecraft PE.


Sniffer has an excellent sense of smell and it looks very cute. His only occupation will be to search for various seeds in the ground. The second creature is even more interesting in terms of interaction since Rascal can hide from the player.


Their appearance perfectly diversifies the existing list of creatures that already exist in the cubic world.


An excellent assistant for players can always be useful both during the search for blocks because it will bring them to the owner and during the journey. Turn on the jukebox next to him and he will perform an incendiary dance.


It’s funny that in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.0, 1.20.10, and 1.20.50 it can also be multiplied. To do this, you need to give him a piece of amethyst during the dance animation. And players can meet even more creatures by installing Mods for Minecraft PE.

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