8 Tips To Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy Post Corona

Contingent upon your industry, you may have seen your sales and income plunge in recent times, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. A few sectors have seen a complete suspension of activities and had to innovate in order to survive. 

This has made marketing more crucial than any other time in recent memory for some organizations. A lot of video marketing companies are trying to come up with creative ways in order to market their products and services. 

There is another fantastic reason to push your marketing focus to Instagram since individuals are investing more time at their homes browsing through their Instagram feed more frequently. 

The following are 8 proven ways to improve your Instagram marketing strategy post-Corona.

Streamline Your Instagram Bio 

An Instagram bio is a little area beneath your username on your account that is used to share information about your brand, along with the content that you are going to share. This area usually incorporates the name of your brand, product’s brief description, profile details, and a call to action. 

Your Instagram bio is a fundamental factor that clients see when they land on your profile. To ensure that you draw them in, you have to fabricate a bio that is informative, dazzling, and engaging. 

In your profile, make a point to share an appropriate and brief depiction of your brand or your most valued product/service. Additionally, incorporate a line or two about the content that you expect to share on your page. In order to make your profile more relatable and fun, use emojis that are in conjunction with your content and brand identity. 

Also, include a relevant URL as to where you need to drive the traffic to – it can be your website’s home page, a specific landing page, or your product’s demo page. Likewise, ensure that you utilize a trackable link to get an idea about the traffic you get from your Instagram page. 

Create A Content Calendar For Instagram 

A significant step toward getting the best return on investment from Instagram is to be consistent while uploading content. Thus, having content scheduled in advance assists you with keeping the posting plan in check. It permits you to automate the process of uploading when your audience is most active. 

Your Instagram content calendar must have your captions, hashtags, photo/video, and the day, date, and time of uploading. Plan your content 15 days ahead of time with the goal that you can keep your schedule flexible for changes. 

To keep your audience connected, utilize the correct blend of content types and formats in your calendar, such as pictures, videos, text illustrations, quotes, memes, and infographics. A content calendar will likewise help you easily access notable posts if you need to republish your previous posts. 

Conduct Experiments With Curated Content

Being innovative and enthralling with creating content can sometimes become tiring for advertisers. The ideal approach to ensure that your creativity doesn’t wear out is to utilize curated content from relevant profiles. Advertisers have utilized content curation as a departure from being repetitive and dreary. A similar idea applies to Instagram marketing, where you pick relevant bits of content that you think will intrigue your followers and give the content your own voice. 

Curated content is an extraordinary method to fill in the spaces in your content calendar, where you were unable to fit anything else. It additionally has its own advantages, such as networking with other accounts, helping you create an identity as an industry leader, interacting with influencers, and being updated with the latest trends and fads on Instagram. 

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram’s story feature has one of the most noteworthy engagement rates compared to every other single social medium platforms put together. It is an incredible medium for brands to interact and connect with their followers spontaneously. 

You can utilize Instagram stories to market your content and draw in your audience in different ways. For instance, you can share a preview of your upcoming Instagram post or highlight products with a link to the actual content. Through Stories, you can likewise incite your followers to pose inquiries with the ‘Ask me anything’ feature. 

You could also conduct a poll on your Instagram story to boost audience engagement and create anticipation for your next launch. 

Broaden Your Reach With Instagram Ads 

Getting organic reach on Instagram has become considerably more difficult due to the presence of more than 25 million active business profiles on this platform. In such a scenario, it is a smart thought to take the help of paid advertising to increase followers, engagement, and drive sales.

Instagram Ads is an advertising platform that offers advertising services for segmented advertisement campaigns. It provides audience segmentation dependent on individuals’ preferences, interests, purchasing behavior, and interactions. There are different promotion formats to look over, for example, story, photo, carousel, and collection advertisements.

Go Live More Often On Instagram 

Instagram Live is a feature that permits users to live stream their videos to advertise an event or engage in with their audience. It permits audience interactions through comments and emoticons on the live-broadcast.

Going live on Instagram assists you to interact with your followers directly, creating a feeling of availability. It allows you to share “behind the scenes” of your organization, events, or everyday life. You can likewise have Q&A meetings with your followers on Instagram Live. 

React To DMs And Comments 

The way to build an interactive network is to encourage engagement inside it by communicating with followers. Direct messages (DMs) are the ideal way for your clients to connect with you. 

Make sure your DMs are turned on and that you get notifications from all followers. Answer to all messages as they are potential leads. This can likewise be an incredible method to gather email ids and add them to your database to send personalized emails when required. 

Be mindful of responding to each and every comment on your posts too. Ensure that you keep the discussion going and attempt to get greater engagement through the comments. 

Request Your Followers To Share Their Stories

Client-created content is an incredible method to diversify your online content calendar, feature your marvelous followers, and engage with your audience at the same time. 

Contingent upon the size of your following, how drawn in they are, and how much time you need to devote to read and repost reactions, there are a few different ways to make client-generated content. 

Post a brief on your feed of and request followers to share their stories in the comments. Hold a “challenge” in your stories or feed where you request followers to fill in the blanks, compose a caption, or submit a photograph.

Use Video Marketing

Make attractive Instagram videos with the ideal blend between text and pictures to fortify your brand and get noticed every time you show up on somebody’s Instagram feed. 

With Invideo’s Instagram Video Maker, you don’t need to have a background in video creation or hire a professional. 

You can do everything by yourself right on your web browser. Invideo has numerous Instagram video formats that you can use to effectively showcase your brand. It doesn’t make a difference that you offer a product or a service – InVideo offers a plethora of choices so that you can find the most appropriate Instagram video template for your personalized needs.