Steering Your Business Clear Of Reputation Threats Using Social Media Monitoring With NetBase

The social media sphere is where some of the best marketing and sales opportunities can be because you have a chance to find out exactly what your customers are feeling and how much they benefit from your service. Unfortunately, it can also be the place where bad news and opinions that you don’t want to hear can arise. The truth is many dissatisfied customers tend to take to social media to express themselves because if they don’t feel the customer service representative they speak to on the phone cares about their problems, they probably assume friends on social media do. Because complaints can go viral very quickly, you want to make sure you’re actively monitoring social media and not letting them go. But in addition to using social media monitoring systems like the one NetBase offers, you’ll want to have a strategy for actually resolving complaints.

Find Out Exactly What The Customer Issue Is And Use A Personal Message

One of the things AI powered social media monitoring software can do is detect complaints rapidly and alert you to exactly where they are and what was said. But when you go to address them, you should make sure you have the message sent to the customer personally as opposed to an automated message. Customers want to feel that a real person and not a robot is going to be responding to them.

Make Sure The Solution You’re Offering Is One You Will See Through

Often a major cause of reputation problems on social media is customer service that is not adequately addressing customer problems. They may be upset because when they had a problem, the person in the outsourced customer service department put them on hold, passed them along to other representatives and at the end of it all they got tired of waiting and took to venting online. In situations like this, you may need to take it upon yourself along with other higher ups in your company to see what’s going on and utilize better social media monitoring to get to the problem immediately. If there’s a technical glitch, make sure you use the proper channels to communicate that with your customers and let them know it is getting fixed. Sometimes you may need to take a closer look at your customer service operation and change it so that problems are getting solved.

Mitigate Reputation Problems With Working Loyalty Programs

Sometimes keeping customers happy can be done by adding a rewards program for them where they can accrue credits or points for discounts on your products. Now there really is no substitute for excellent customer service itself because customers really are happiest when everything is working. But the user experience can be made even better when rewards for doing business with you are handed out. Social media marketing and monitoring can both be used as a tool to promote your rewards as well as offer bonuses through referrals. The key is while no online reputation threats are good, you can prevent future ones from happening by building something new or improving the overall experience for customers online.

About NetBase’s Services

NetBase has been around for several years, and their aim is to help both large and small businesses develop an effective social media marketing strategy and use advanced analytics to maximize their marketing ROI. From message and image analyzing, to customer demographic data, cross platform messaging, traffic analyzing and so much more, NetBase has a fully comprehensive system. If you’re interested in getting the most out of social media monitoring and utilizing all of its channels, contact NetBase today to find out how they can help you.