Best 3 Chrome Ad Blockers You Need To Install

Doesn’t it get very disturbing when ads pop up again and again on Chrome when you are trying to work? We have all faced it undoubtedly. But if you have decided to put an end to all the endless ads disrupting your flow of work, then it might be time to get and AdBlock for Google Chrome. 

Types Of Chrome Ad blockers

In addition to the different types of advertisements that might pop up, there are diverse types of advertisement blockers available as well. How an AdBlock chrome extension goes about to get the job done is not essential. The crucial part is to ensure that a given Chrome ad blocker should not impede your workflow or compromise your data security. Generally, the best AdBlock for chrome should be able to block all types of advertisements. In that light, here are a few criteria of a good Chrome ad blocker:

  • AdBlock chrome is free. It has no payment system for accessing the special features. 
  • Well-to-do user rating and review.
  • No account required for the use of service.
  • It is updated recently. Ideally, within 12 months.
  • Quickly available as a plugin for at least one browser or OS.
  • Can block any sort of display ads like floating, static images, pop up, banner, text ads, and wallpapers. 
  • It can block video streaming ads. 

Problem With Chrome Ad Blocking

Though by the end of 2018, Google announced the incorporation of this much-awaited addition, it suffers from some drawbacks. For instance, the third-party programming structure for Chrome takes a longer time and isn’t quite flexible. Currently, Chrome has around thirty thousand rules per limit extension. However, due to rising pressure from the developers, a proposed extension of 150,000 per user has been pitched in. 

As per the critics, the new rules must be submitted to Google and will not come into play until Google approves it. Though the entire process might take weeks, it will finally give the advertisers an upper hand in the response speed. The bottom line is that this feature shows a thumbs down to the ad blockers and puts a leash on the power they wield. 

Currently, the ad blocking functionality on Google stands unchanged. The suggested alterations will still take time to come since Google is yet to decide how it will look like. However, once they come into use, most Chrome ad blockers will be less effective since Declarative Net Request is not a very flexible tool for developing ad blocking functionality. 

Popular Chrome Ad blockers


  • Adblock Plus


This is a useful Chrome ad blocker that filters out content for users. Created by WladimirPalant, this is one of the most effective ad blockers available. The setup is supported not only by Chrome but also by Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Beta, Android, and Safari. Though the system has no filters, it gives the user the chance to start the first filter subscription. This allows one to block website requests.


  • uBlock Origin


Another free and open-source platform, uBlock Origin blocks ads without unnecessarily taxing the system. It uses almost similar blocklist like the other popular ad blockers and thus offers both comparable blocking facilities. uBlock Origin uses survey style resources for the individual web pages, which makes the operation smoother and effective. 

This Chrome ad blocker is ideal for dealing with those tricky pop ads, which are very common on all browsers these days. The users can make use of uBlock’s specific filters for blocking malware, advertisements, and other privacy issues. Whitelisting individual sites is also possible with this ad blocker by pressing on the big power button placed on the side of the tool. 


  • Chrome adblocker


Chrome has its ad blocker designed to block all ads which do not fall under the stipulation of the Coalition crafted for suitable ads. This AdBlock chrome extension is there for the long run. Even with the launch of the Manifest V3, it can be safe to assume that this given ad blocker is not going to lose its importance or its position. 

A lot of people are using ad block for Google Chrome these days. As per a recent study, the number of people using these stands at 11 per cent. However, it’s terrible news of the advertisers. They can only try to make the user experience better.