6 Reasons You Should Start Using A VPN Today

VPN is something that everyone is using these days. It isn’t just a nice feature anymore as it has transitioned to something that you must have in your device. This is mostly due to security reasons but there are other uses of VPN as well. By using a VPN, you will be protecting your privacy. If you do not already have a VPN installed on your device, then this article will convince you to do so.

  1. VoIP: this stands for voice over internet protocol. It is a revolutionary feature that has enabled digital voice communication which costs a lot less than the usual phone lines. This is made possible by routing the calls through the internet. The problem is that these calls can be tracked and analyzed in bulk. But this can be avoided by using a VPN as the calls will be encrypted when traveling through best no-log VPN such as IPVanish or ExpressVPN.

  1. Gaming: nobody wants to experience lag while playing online. Using a VPN will increase your network speed which ensures lag-free gaming. Additionally, you can bypass geo-blocking restrictions by using a VPN. And by using a VPN while playing online, you can protect your credentials from hackers. It will also let you access certain features that might not be available in your country.
  1. Avoid Censorship: Government censorship can be a pain in some countries. They block almost everything ranging from games to movies. Most of the time these censorship are unnecessary but it is hard to bypass. By using a VPN, you can bypass these useless censorships without disclosing your location. But be sure to use a good VPN so as to secure your privacy to the fullest. If you use a premium VPN then you will get a lot more security.

  1. Secured messaging: these days, almost everyone uses social media for commuting with other people. But most of these aren’t encrypted and hence your account becomes susceptible to hacking. Using a VPN doubles the level of security and makes it a lot harder for people who try and hack other people’s accounts. Try using apps that have end to end encryption as they are a lot safer.
  1. Google tracking: we all know that google tracks all of its users and their activities but there’s almost nothing you can do if you use google. Even you use a different browser google will still be able to track your every move if you are an Android user. This is a major problem and the only solution right now seems to be a VPN. If you refrain from using a VPN then everything you do will be visible to the people at google and if they choose to share your private information with other sources then there’s little you can do. So it’s better to start using a VPN.

  1. Streaming restrictions: with VPN you can bypass any streaming restrictions. All you have to do is download a good VPN and set your location accordingly. Just by doing this you will be able to access almost all of the streaming sites and movies. And the best part is nobody will be able to track you and you will be able to stream without having to worry about this.

So if you are not using a VPN it’s best that you start using one now. There are plenty of options out there from which you can choose like Express VPN, Nord VPN, etc. If you are in a country where almost everything is censored or banned then using a VPN will be the best option for you.