Check Out these 5 Super Useful Social Media Tools & Apps

With the colossal and swift rise over the last decade, Social media has become significant part of our daily lives. From sharing our opinions and concerns over twitter handles to posting daily selfies and flaunting our new outfits over Instagram, it has come a long way from being just a medium to get connected with our social circle in the good old times. 

Not only has it been deeply embedded in almost every aspect of our lifestyles, it has also reformulated the marketing strategies and businesses all over the world. Especially in the tough times of corona pandemic, social media was the key platform that keeps the world connected and provided information, safety precautions and latest updates continuously to the people.

Social Media Marketing 

Markedly, social media marketing as always being an important facets of digital marketing services, with its evolution, it have ushered a new wave of brand promotion and online presence and has massively redefined our approach towards products and services.

Moreover, social media has contributed quite heavily to the economies by providing the pathway for various people with immense talent to come forward and influence others through their content and creativity. Nowadays, top-shot brands look forward to approach social media influencers to promote their business and get more public outreach through their fan followings.

Reportedly, in a recent research done by “The Research online Buy Offline” Economy, it was found that 82%  of consumers depends on phone searches, while 41 % consumers read customer reviews and feedbacks before making purchases. Additionally, another report by “Hubspot” states that 71% of users like to purchase from the brands, they are following on their social media profiles.

Brands get allot of exposure and outreach through influencers and it has become one of the key feature of modern online marketing.

How useful are Social Media Tools for Influencers and Businesses?

Without a doubt social media has empowered the common voice of the people and brought them to the limelight amongst the masses. Therefore being a social media influencer is considered a one of the best opportunity for any person with talent and creativity and ability to produce high quality content that people like to follow and share. 

However, any expert content provider would tell you that it is not an easy job being a social media influencer, as it takes lots of research, time and management to properly provide the best content out there to keep the audience engaged and connected.

There Are Many Aspects On Which Influencers Have To Continuously Work, Some Of Those Tasks Includes:

  • Strict brand guidelines are to be followed.
  • Creating, managing, and editing the content.
  • Analyzing all the social platforms and optimizing it.
  • Influencers have to work on various tools & apps. 

Therefore, if you are also looking forward to become a successful SM influencer or either you want to grow your business online, social media management tools are must-use for accomplishing those time-consuming tasks. If you are not using them at all already, you are definitely not optimizing your business properly which could lead to slow brand growth.

Hence, here are 5 of the most useful social media marketing and management tools for anyone to properly optimize, create and analyze their Social Media content and to ease up work load and provide more flexibility to the process.

1. Buffer (Free/Paid)

Buffer is one of the most used social media management app, which initially started as twitter post scheduling tool. However, later it was upgraded to support all the major social media platforms such has Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and much more. You should definitely make use of this amazing app to efficiently schedule and analyze the posts on your various social media profiles. 

2. Canva (Free/Paid)

One of the key aspects to improve your social media game is to create and share high definition images and info graphics with your followers. Reportedly, users are most likely to engage with visual content like images and graphic rather than reading long posts with lots of text. Canva is one of the best tools to accomplish this task effectively. You can generate variety of content through this tool whether it is a casual social media quote images, Info graphics, Videos, Pictures, Broachers and quality presentations.

3. SharedCount (Free/Paid)

The key focus of social media sharing is to gain higher traffic and conversion rate from our SM posts. That’s where SharedCount comes into play as it simply tracks the number of shares of any particular posts. Therefore it helps assessing the success rate of any social media campaign started by you and gives the details on what kind of posts are people liking and sharing more. Definitely an essential tool for social media management you should be using right now. 

4. Biteable (Free/Paid)

As we all know Visual content is way more attractive and generate much more traffic than usual text based content. The best visual content beside images and info graphics are videos and high quality presentations or slides which can be done pretty easily with video creation tool like Biteable. It is one the best tool for creating YouTube videos or any kind of short or slide show videos, as it consists of vast range of templates and scene categories to perfectly fit your video content. Also paid features allow you to access much advanced features like adding watermark or logo on the video and even more premium templates and slides. Definitely a must have tool for content creators. 

5. Buzzsumo (Free/Paid) 

To create the quality content, the first and foremost part of doing that is research. If you have researched the right content that is being highly shared on social media, then it could be allot faster and efficient to gain more traffic through your social media posts. Buzzsumo is the primo tool for covering all the important functions such as showing you the most shared content on SM and influencers related to that content. It can also generate keywords, authors and brands names based on your notifications and alerts. Also it can do competitor analysis too. Therefore it is also a very useful tool for social media marketing with vast numbers of features. You shouldn’t be sleeping on this. 


These were our recommendations for some of the best social media marketing and management tools that every influencer, content creator or social media user should be using to gain more traffic and conversions for their domain. There are many more apps and tools out there which can be useful but according to us these were some of the most useful and primo apps that could be beneficial for every average to expert user. 

We would love to know what social media tools and apps you are currently using. Please feel free to respond with your top 5 picks in the comment section below.


Author’s Bio:

Varun Sharma is a Digital marketing expert and director of KVR WebtechPvt. Ltd. – one of the leading digital marketing companies in India. With more than 9 years of experience in digital marketing, provided brand development suggestions and consultancy to the different set of industries that include Medical, E- commerce, IT, Real Estate, Education, Hospitality, Finance, Banking, Travel etc.