Top 9 Office Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

Although fiddling with your smartphone at work could potentially be a source of ire of your boss, smartphone apps can also help you manage your workload. Some of them will save you time, making certain processes quicker; others will help you stay away from all the distractions. In a moment you will learn about those which aren’t only pretty looking but are actually invaluable.

This platform makes it easier to finish projects which require collaboration between several people. Its simplicity allows you to instantly check the progress made by your co-workers and see how many things have not yet been completed. You can also customize it to suit your personal needs.


ForestApp is an app for your phone that will encourage you to stay away from your phone and focus on your work. If you are successful at this task for a certain amount of time, you will see a tree grow. If you fail, the tree will die. Hopefully, this dramatic vision will dissuade you from abandoning your tasks. Also, they partner with Trees for the Future, an organization planting real trees. Your efforts to be productive can have a positive impact on Mother Earth!


FaxBurner is an app that will turn your phone into a real fax machine. Don’t you worry, it won’t suffer a dramatic increase in size. Instead, it allows you to receive faxes directly on your phone as well as to send them. You don’t have to pay anything, the only limit of the free version being the number of pages you can receive and send per month.


Trello is another productivity-boosting app that will make it easier to manage the workload by creating boards, lists, and cards. Planning steps needed to complete the project will make collaborative efforts smoother. Writing down all the necessary information will also declutter your mind, making it possible for you to focus on one task at a time.


Evernote is an excellent app if you take a lot of notes. It allows you to write down important information to access it later on one of your devices. Its versatility makes it an ideal tool for a number of tasks.  You can write down work-related ideas, save receipts, take photos, scan printed documents, or create an itinerary and later share it with others. It can be especially useful for people who have creative jobs. With this app, they won’t have to frantically look for something vaguely resembling a scrap of paper to write down their new ideas anymore. A smartphone will do.


The purpose of this app is pretty self-evident. It guides you through often perilous alleys of grammar and syntax. In our hectic lives, there are things that captivate our attention far more than the proper use of commas. Grammarly can ensure that your writing does not cause anyone to frown with disapproval and shout obscenities. It can be especially helpful for people who aren’t native speakers. Preference to certain grammatical forms can be pretty difficult to root out effectively. This app will save your nerves unless you think that even Joyce himself would see your writing as impeccable. 


Remembering all passwords to your online accounts can be pretty challenging. It is entirely possible that on certain platforms you have more than one account, making it difficult to deal with the multitude of combinations of numbers and letters. 1Password makes this infernal task much more manageable. It keeps all your passwords in one place, which will undoubtedly save some trees for all the sticky notes that you have previously loved to lose.

WPS Office

It is an absolute must. It combines functions that can be found in many apps. But what if you could achieve the same result with just one? WPS Office is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Doc, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF format. You can create presentations, share and transfer documents, but also convert formats. With this app, you’ll be able to access your documents wherever you are.


Sometimes it can be pretty challenging to remember about all your meetings, events, appointments. “That’s what the calendars are for” you’ll certainly reply. Indeed. Sometimes though, the traditional calendars won’t do, especially if the calendar is meant to be used by a number of people. Doodle will save you the effort of contacting every person individually – you can vote on a preferred time and place of events. Use it, and you will see that keeping track of everything becomes much easier!