ESL Hamburg – How TNC Predator Came Back To The Top

To say that TNC Predator have had a very challenging last season would be an understatement. The team has been caught in one of the most divisive scandals in the entire Dota 2 community – the moment when a player had mocked a fellow Chinese gamer for his origin. This immediately turned TNC Predator into team-non-grata – at least on Chines turf. Officials – who usually show very little interest in video gaming – had taken serious measures telling TNC Predator that if the player in question showed up at any of their events hosted in China, that player’s safety wouldn’t have been guaranteed.

That drove a wedge in the community and made TNC take the backseat rather convincingly. However, TNC are back and if we can say so by their most recent results in ESL Hamburg. Winning on European turf has been a challenge, but apparently one that TNC Predator was completely-equipped to taken on.

A First SEA Team To Win The European Event 

Not only that, but TNC became the first Southeast Asia (SEA) team to win the event – marking a big chapter in the Dota 2 history of the region. If you go through the history of the teams to have won the event at, you will realize that SEA teams have had a rather bad luck at it.

Yet, Dota 2 teams are capable of great feats and that’s why when fans visit their favorite Dota 2 betting site, they should also consider the most recent form of each team. This is true, but has there really been anything to suggest that TNC would go on to become the champions? The honest answer is – nothing. 

Was TNC’s Win A Well-Deserved One?

Some have argued, of course, that the field of competitors has been a rather modest one, citing Gambit Esports and Alliance as rather second-tier teams. This may as well be true, but TNC still came into the race and they faced quite a few strong opponents as well – including Team Liquid, Virtus.Pro and Ninjas in Pyjamas. 

Surprisingly none of these last three teams made it within the first four stops, which showed that the Dota 2 giants were either resting, or that the most recent underdogs were now going to be the favorite. To be able to tell which is which, the only way would be to wait out the next Major event on November 16 and see what these teams have prepared for us. It would be most interesting to watch.