Get A Grip Over Data Loss With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

It’s quite normal to get some important data deleted by accident and the trash can was emptied. No where to find the data again. Or it can be a suddenly broken of your PC without saving the file you are editing. Or a virus attach caused all the data just disappear. Today we are going to discuss about EaseUS data recovery which has already gained global popularity as an easy to use data recovery aid.

At the time of data loss, the last thing we want is to deal with a pesky tool which makes matters all the more difficult. This free data recovery software can be installed easily into your device after which it can assist you in the data recovery work seamlessly. The best thing about this tool is that it can also cater to amateurs who otherwise can be seen staying away from data recovery software.

Steps Of Recovering Data Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Once you have downloaded the software in your device you need to specify the exact location from where the data loss occurred. It can either be a file location like documents, libraries or desktop as well as a partition, hard drive or external storage device.

In the next step, the actual scanning starts and can be divided into two sub processes. The first one is Quick Scan and takes a brisk look at the deleted folders and files using basic algorithm. This in turn leads to fast results although the process is not full proof. The Quick Scan is followed by Deep Scan automatically which examines every sector in detail to ensure proper recovery results. The Deep Scan can take a considerably long span of time to complete.

Now that the scanning is complete, you need to proceed with the restoration stage. But before that, you can take a preview of the files which can been recovered to make the entire thing easier. The recovered files can be filtered according to location or file type.  Once you are done with the preview and selection process, you will simply have to press the ‘Recover’ button for getting back your data immediately. For safety purposes, you should refrain from storing your recovered data in the exact same place from which it was lost in the first place.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free offers features which someone would otherwise expect only out of a professional grade recovery tool. Well, you can upgrade to its paid version for more functionalities, but even the basic one can cater to all your data recovery requirements in a seamless manner. Normally, you can restore just 500MB worth data using this free software. But once you have used up that limit, you simply have to share this tool over social media channels such as Twitter and Facebookto benefit out of an increase data restoration capacity of 2GB.

Make full use of the free version can help a lot when the lost file is not very big.