Google’s Daydream VR will Not Be Supported on Android 11

Google has finally discontinued its Daydream software on 15 October 2019. The company has stopped the Daydream VR system with Android 11, which means that the headsets using the software may not work properly with Android 11 devices. Google’s Daydream Virtual Reality app was released on 10 November 2016. It was built for Android devices and was just a way for the user to view virtual reality apps on the smartphone. But does its end mean the end of VR for Google?

It was not a surprise as both Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL launched in 2019, did not work with the headset. At the same time, Google had just stopped selling the VR, which meant that the platform was going to stop anytime from then. In fact, no phones launched in 2019 are compatible with this platform. The company has also confirmed that no additional devices will support this program. 

Google finally made the statement on a support document, where they mentioned that the Daydream VR software will no longer be supported. According to the company, you might still access the services, but it will no longer receive security or software updates. 

However, this does not necessarily mean that the Daydream headsets will stop working with the existing apps or online games like Ultra Hot slot with bonus vulkanbet. But it sure will not work properly on Android 11 and later versions. It seems like Google is not so much into VR as it was once. By ending its Daydream VR, it nearly broke all its connections with virtual reality. 

Android users can still be able to access third-party virtual reality apps on Google Play Store. The functionality for these apps may not disappear at once, but it will not work as well as the Daydream software. 

If you are wondering whether you can still buy the Daydream headset from Google, then the answer is no. But you always try to purchase it from other retailers. 

Daydream was one of the most significant VR platforms alongside the Samsung Gear VR. It was the second one following Cardboard. The latter was a low-priced platform, which was only accessible on compatible devices and came with limited features. However, Daydream brought enhanced features and was built in the Android system.  

Google once emphasized that virtual reality was becoming part of Android. However, the company has now shifted its energy to augmented reality. This is much different from VR as AR uses objects from the real-world environment and turns them into digital images. You can say it’s an enhanced version of virtual reality since it allows you to experience the real world in digital form. It comes with better features and even allows you to search for things you are seeing by just pointing at your phone’s camera and Google lens to it. 

Does ending the sales and support of Daydream VR means Google is working on new VR software? Well, a replacement for it is highly unlikely or it will not come out anytime soon. Both Apple and Google are focusing more on augmented reality on mobile phones, which is currently more important than VR.