Virtual Reality Future in Entertainment World

Incorporating virtual and augmented realities is a trend that is gaining popularity in the entertainment sphere, which gets more and more usage. Due to the high cost of equipment for virtual reality it is not used in households along with computers or telephones, but it is increasingly being used by companies working in the entertainment field.

The main applications of virtual reality today are:

  • Cinemas with virtual reality (for now, these are small rooms with specially equipped seats)
  • Online gambling with virtual reality (focused on individual equipment, however best online casinos already introduced this option as a goal of prestige)
  • Computer games with virtual reality (similar to cinemas, small game halls with individual playing places, also some games allow one to play with glasses from home)

During quarantine 2020, many people showed more interest in virtual reality, which was another impetus for the VR direction development. Many well-known brands, including Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La, have expressed interest in connecting VR capabilities to their online products.

General Equipment for Virtual Reality

Although there is a wide range of products for creating virtual reality, the main gadget is a pair of special glasses. It is visual perception that is the key to immersion in a fictional world.

However, due to the high product’s cost, they are not widely spread. In addition, a significant disadvantage of the gadget is a considerable weight. A person quickly gets tired during the game or while watching a movie.

For virtual reality to be an immersive, real experience, one sensation is not enough: quality sound, tactile and temperature sensations, sense of change of position in space are important as well.

If high-quality sound is provided by conventional stereo headphones, then with other sensations it is more difficult. At this stage of technological development, special chairs are used for their transfer, which vibrate and tilt at the right moment, heat up or cool down.

Particularly steep virtual cinemas can additionally install equipment to create another olfactory background – appropriate smells. However, this also has a number of difficulties, because one needs to create a flavor on time, as well as remove it in time to replace it with another one.

Equipment for Virtual Reality Cinemas

The most expensive and modern equipment is currently used by cinemas. Halls rarely have more than 10 seats, because for each viewer they need a special chair, a helmet or glasses, an apparatus for flavoring. Sometimes, even more devices are used. For example, spraying water to simulate splashes, special fans to simulate the wind of the desired speed and temperature.

The novelty and high cost of technology doesn’t allow them to spread with a high speed.

Equipment for Virtual Reality in Online Casinos

Gaming in online casinos is a very personal case, most prefer to play alone on a home PC, laptop or smartphone. At the moment, virtual reality in online casinos is possible only on desktop devices in browsers that support this technology or specialized programs.

Furthermore, if in cinema a person gets into an absolutely different, unreal world, or finds oneself in an atmosphere full of adrenaline, then in a virtual casino, on the contrary, it works on creating the effect of maximum presence.

15 years ago, parallel to the classic slot machines, live dealer games started gaining popularity. This was the first step towards virtual reality in gambling. The next step was the effect of being at the same table as this dealer; for this you need virtual glasses.

The technology is only gaining popularity, since the development has been conducted for only a couple of years. It also takes time for virtual reality glasses to become a more accessible and customary individual gadget.

The peculiarity of using this technology in online casinos is good because players are primarily interested in the visual component. There is no need to use the human vestibular apparatus. It is already quite possible to create the feeling of being in another room. Darren Keane, Storm International CEO has expressed interest in this technology applied to the company’s websites.

Equipment for Computer Games with Virtual Reality

This area is in the middle between virtual reality in the cinema and in the casino. Gaming halls are equipped like cinemas, but there are no specific devices for simulating wind, precipitation or temperature.

Also, computer games that can be played in virtual reality glasses at home are gradually entering the market.

Virtual Reality – the Future of the Entertainment Industry

Obviously, virtual reality has taken its roots in the entertainment industry, since it is a much cheaper way of changing the situation than traveling, and the only available option is in the fantasy worlds.

The first acquaintance with the technology in almost all leaves a pleasant impression. If you can’t buy special glasses or visit a virtual cinema, you can start with games with a live dealer on special sites, even in this case, the difference with conventional computer graphics is very noticeable.