How To Build And Monitor A Portfolio Of Tech Stocks Using A Stock Tracker

As a techie, you are probably familiar with a broad variety of technology companies. Besides using their technology, you can also become a shareholder of many of those companies. This can be a solid investment if you are selecting the right companies. Once you have purchased the stocks, you need to monitor them accordingly. A stock tracker can help you to accomplish this. In this article, we will look at investing in technology stocks and how a tracker can help you time the market using your expertise. 

Your advantage as an insider

When it comes to investing, experts normally advise investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These funds often mimic indices such as the S&P 500. Why? Because when you invest in such an index, you have small pieces of lots of companies. This especially holds for the Vanguard World-type of funds, where they include over 1500 companies. This allows you to spread your risk and diversify across industries. Next to that, it can be quite hard to beat the market.

This is where your knowledge as a techie comes in

Yes, the market is hard to beat. However, with the right knowledge, you can spot opportunities better than other investors. For example, if you are a developer working in a DevOps environment, you are probably familiar with ServiceNow. A few years back, the stock of the company was not that well-known to non-techies. Over the past few years, the stock increased by over 700%! What kind of stocks come to mind when looking at your field of expertise?

Try to diversify

Within the tech domain, it still makes sense to diversify. For example, you can select several blue-chip companies (e.g., Microsoft, Apple) and mix them with smaller organizations that have larger upside potential. This allows you to select a more stable portfolio. The technology domain is broad ranging from consumer goods to semiconductor and software development, try to spot opportunities in these markets and diversify.

What does a stock tracker do?

A stock tracker can help you monitor your investments. It not only allows you to have real-time insight into your portfolio but also comes with helpful features. The tracker allows you to receive push notifications when it matters most: when prices fluctuate (e.g., with over 5%) or when important news is being released related to the stocks. Hereby you remain up-to-date about your holdings, without investing too much time. is a good example of a stock tracker is an application that offers stock tracker capabilities. For techies, it helps that they not only focus on traditional stocks. It is also possible to combine those with cryptocurrency holdings. This allows you to have a stock tracker and crypto tracker in one. You do not need to move your funds into the wallet, but can connect (through API and Public Key) to your holdings and have a holistic overview securely. For crypto there is another advantage: you can continue to stake and participate in consensus mechanisms.