How valuable are SMS services for privacy?

Privacy is not an option when it comes to the internet. Privacy is a popular topic on the internet. Some people advise encrypting emails. Others advocate for swapping the Google search engine for DuckDuckGo.

Digital privacy assumes that people can use online services without any risk. But online giants – Facebook, Google, and others – make the lion’s share of their money on advertising collecting users’ data for this purpose. They use sophisticated mechanisms to track personal information such as people’s interests, email addresses, income, education, etc.

Basically, they act like authoritarian governments tracking their citizen’s online behavior. So, the complete privacy of social media users is out of the question.

Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee, and the whistleblower, revealed global surveillance programs run by NSA and other Western countries’ security agencies. He understands that the whole online ecosystem – that we have gotten used to so much so that no-one can imagine an alternative to it – is actually working against us.

An alternative

But some companies make small steps trying to protect users’ privacy. Everyone knows that when she or he registers on any social media website, an online store, or other services, there’s a requirement to register via a personal phone number.

However, such companies as OnlineSIM offer an alternative to this process when users register at the risk of compromising their personal information. OnlineSIM allows you to register on any online website without a private phone number. The company generates virtual SMS number from a variety of countries and mobile carriers using its proprietary software that emulates real SIM-cards, hence the company’s name.

If you want to get another account on social media – Twitter, Facebook, or any other service such as email service (Gmail) or gaming service (STEAM) – you don’t have to expose your personal phone number. You can just select any free virtual phone number available on the OnlineSIM website or rent an individual number

Then, you’ll have to select an appropriate social media in your account on OnlineSIM and then copy a virtual phone presented to you to the registration form on a social media website where you want to register an account. After that, you’ll receive a text message with a confirmation code. Just copy it and paste it into the registration form. That’s it, and your registration is done.

The bottom line

Some big companies are also trying to contribute to the privacy movement. Apple will introduce its upcoming update of iOS 14 that will allow users to switch off personal data tracking on iPhones completely. Facebook and Google speak against this approach, but, as always, Apple is at the forefront of the next big thing.