Is There A Future For PCB Designers?

In 2019, the tech industry is booming and many products that are created every single day use printed circuit boards to operate. These circuit boards are currently being designed by those who are skilled in the process and know how to operate special software.

Here, we are going to look at what these people do every day and figure out what the future looks like for PCB designers. Find out more about this below.

What Does A PCB Designer Do?

If you have never heard of a PCB designer before then you should know that these experts are very skilled in what they do. A PCB designer will work on a circuit board from the very start of the process, working on the schematic and then transforming this into the main design for the printed circuit boards.

PCB designers need to place components where they need to be, and they also need to figure out the best ways to distribute power and other elements. This is a complicated process and requires advanced software from companies like Altium to create the best possible PCB.

The Tech Industry

Right now, PCB designers are very in demand as most of the tech products that are on the market right now require these small circuit boards. For this reason, we would suggest that PCB designers have a guaranteed career ahead of them if they are willing to adapt to the new challenges faced with new technology.

Over the years, the way in which PCB need to be designed has changed a lot as products have become smaller and the PCBs need to fit inside the small product packaging, It is expected that is going to happen even more and the demand for PCB designers who know how to create things such as rigid-flex PCBs or even just flex PCBs increases.

In the current phase of The Internet Of Things, products need to be connected to the internet and a PCB is required to achieve this. For this reason, business is booming for PCB designers and this helps to secure work for them for the future.

Possible Issues

While there appears to be a strong demand for PCB designers with the popularity of these products, there are some possible issues to consider. As technology has moved on, the need for real people to work on certain parts of a project has disappeared. This could suggest that in the future PCB design could be done by a computer that understands the rules and more. This could then affect the careers of PCB designers, so it is definitely something to think about.


For now, it is safe to say that the future for PCBs designers looks good. These people are responsible for many of the tech products that you use every single day and without them you wouldn’t have them. Now is the time to become a PCB designer so look out for your next opportunity.