Looking To Save Money On Data Center Costs? Try The Following 5 Effective Strategies

It is possible to cut your company’s data center costs without adversely impacting efficiency. You just have to know which areas to trim down and which areas could benefit from a more innovative approach.

Here are 5 solid strategies for data center cost reduction you can start implementing right now!

1. Rationalize equipment

Conduct a thorough assessment of your data center hardware to find out whether components are being use efficiently. With server rationalization, you can make huge savings on both maintenance and energy costs.

If you have more than one data center, then your corporate IT strategy should include looking at whether these can be consolidated. Doing so could lead to lower maintenance cost since you may be able to decommission redundant hardware, management software and disaster recovery contracts.

2. Be smart about maintenance

According to global research firm Gartner, worldwide spending on ITf or 2018 will be approximately $3.7 trillion. For businesses, some of that money will be spent on data center maintenance – an element you can streamline to reduce costs.

Apply internet of things (IoT) advances to your operations by using sensors and software to monitor hardware performance. That way you can schedule maintenance and repairs before problems arise. You will spend less on unnecessary repairs and limit monetary losses associated with downtime.

3. Focus on staffing

Reducing data center staff turnover can dramatically cut costs. Whenever a staff member leaves, operations may be affected until a replacement is found and trained. Training the new recruit in your data center operations will cost you, added to the cost of having already trained the lost employee.

Strive to retain current staff with attractive salary packages and a company culture conducive to their professional growth. Improve employee-efficiency by keeping training up-to-date with your data center technologies.

4. Overhaul your IT Contracts

Sit down with your vendors and discuss a re-evaluation of your contracts with regard to hardware and software; any lease agreements; and management, maintenance and support services.

Consider cancelling contracts which are simply too costly and not cost effective. For the other contracts, try to renegotiate the terms so that they are more in your favor. A good idea is to suggest consolidation of services with one vendor, if you are guaranteed overall savings.

5. Be energy conscious

Data center environments tend to overuse air conditioning and run up a high energy bill. The room temperature should be kept between 50° F to 82° F, so you can crank it up to 75° F and all your equipment should work just fine while you save on AC costs.

Other energy-saving ideas include decommissioning aged and outdated servers which you are no longer using; making use of outside air for cooling, wherever possible; and running workloads at off-peak hours to take advantage of reduce rates.

Take a proactive approach to slashing the amount of money your company spends on data center operations. Put these 5 strategies to work for your business and reap big budget savings for your IT department in particular and your company on a whole.