Let The Games Begin! Here’s Why PC Gaming Is Better Than Game Consoles

The battle between gaming PCs vs game consoles has been a serious debate among avid gamers for a very long time and it doesn’t look like the battle will end any time soon! Each device has their own level of excellence along with their own fan base that swears by either one. However you choose to look at it, it really boils down to your personal preference.

Despite the pros and cons of both, your preference will more than likely be based on how much money you’re trying to spend, your level of patience for tech support, and the type of games you enjoy playing. Take a look at why PC gaming is your better option for the ultimate gaming experience and if you’re already set on PC, click here to see whether Gaming laptops or Desktops are a better fit for you.

PC Graphics are Out of This World

Quality of graphics between consoles versus PCs is one of the main arguments between gamers. PCs win this debate by a landslide. The hardware found in a PC can blow the performance of a console (Xbox One/PS4) out of the water. With a PC you have the option to play with graphics set to higher levels and play at smoother frame rates.

Now, the actual PC can certainly be more expensive than that of a console, but with the type of gaming experience you’ll be getting will totally be worth it. You ultimately are getting what you paid for, especially when it comes to the game platform… this is essentially what makes gaming on a PC cheaper than a console.

The Uncanny Valley

The uncanny valley is a term created by Dr. Masahiro Mori indicating the realistic features and capabilities of robots, animation, and animatronics. A study from 2007 was done called “Exploring the Uncanny Valley.” This experiment had participants rate 75 different video game characters to see how “human-like” their appearance and attraction was.

Some of the characters included in the experiment were Mickey Mouse and Lara Croft. One of the lowest rated characters in the experiment was an ogre from World of Warcraft. Surrounding the ogre, there were other characters (from Shark Tale and Howdy Doody) who had a human-like appearance but still scored lower on the attractive scale.

Cheaper PC Games Platform Steam

Steam is a platform where you can browse and buy games, and even launch your own games. You’re not only able to buy the top games to play, but you’re also able to buy older games at a significantly lower price than what you would find at places like GameStop or from the Xbox store. Remember… it’s the same exacts games, but Steam offers them cheaper for PC gamers.

Free to Play Multiplayer Games on PC

The console bashing continues… So in order to play multiplayer games on a console, you have to sign up for paid services such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. To play games online for a PC, guess how much it costs? NOTHING!

Now, to be a member of Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, one year of service would run you about $60. That’s not necessarily going to empty your bank account or anything but if you’re the avid gamer that you are, it adds up over time! I say all that to say… PC is FREE!

Some popular multiplayer games on PC include:

You Have More Options to Choose How You Play and Whenever You Play

For PCs, the main options are keyboard and mouse. These PC accessories are especially important for first-person shooting games. To be successful in these types of games, you will definitely need the right type of gaming accessories.

An important factor in having a great gaming experience is a gaming mouse. The right gaming mouse will give you more control and accuracy than the controller of a console. With console controllers, some have joysticks, but those joysticks make aiming difficult and very delayed.

That’s why game developers came up with assisted aiming. Some gamers look at this feature as cheating or making it easier for players to hit their targets. This feature in games is definitely something gamers either love it or hate it.

Role Playing

Role-playing is a new aspect to the gaming world that’s taking over! This type of gaming genre allows you to step into an alternate universe in a sense and do whatever you want to do… it’s a freedom one could never experience in the real world. You have the freedom to blow stuff up, help someone, or even go have a virtual drink!

You’re Not Hogging the TV

With game consoles, you have the freedom to play your favorite video games whenever you want… as long as you live by yourself. Because consoles occupy the TV it makes planning to play it very difficult when you don’t live by yourself.

With a PC you’ll have your own designated platform to play your games without worrying about someone wanting to you stop playing because their favorite show is on. This actually a real problem in some homes because avid gamers play their games for hours and it becomes a problem for families that want to watch TV.