Must Have Web Apps For Small Businesses

People who run a small business need to do all sorts of various tasks on their own all at once. Aside from being in charge of the business operations, you must also keep an eye out for employees’ issues, payroll and everything else that pops up. There are times when you’ll feel that the 24 hours is not enough and tasks become more and more overwhelming. For that reason, you should definitely try out some of the must have web apps for small businesses. But which small business app would fir you best? Well it heavily depends upon the kind of business you own as well as personal preferences. We’re sure that you don’t have time to go through each and every web app available so we listed then top 5 apps.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best web apps in terms of general tasks and productivity; it lets the user clip bits and pieces of files and information from the internet. Once the clip is saved, you will be able to tag them for a simple search. Alterations can also be done by adding or condensing a file. Adding pictures, video, audios and tables are considered alterations. Evernote can be used when handling organic noted as well; contacts, to-do lists, journalist, contacts and storage for various tweets and emails. Every task and feature that we mentioned is available in the basic version, which is free. Evernote comes in a business version, $12 a month per user; administrator controls are included alongside unlimited space for uploads.

  1. RescueTime

For those that don’t want to get distracted and end up wasting time on digital distractions like Facebook, Twitter and other websites, RescueTime will hold you accountable. It breaks down and analyses where you spend a great amount of your time; all relevant applications and websites are displayed. Users will also set their productivity goals. All of that is available for the free version, on the other hand the premium version is able to block specific websites, set notifications and track offline activity; the notification is set off when the user spends too much time on a single activity. The premiums version is available for $9 a month; the app itself is only available for Android phones.

  1. Basecamp

In terms of web apps used in project-management, Basecamp is the most popular and is much easier to use compared to other apps with the same functions. Basecamp’s interface is intuitive and streamlined. Inviting collaborators, attach filed and chat within the project is a breeze. Creating checklists and keeping track of the progress are two of the best features. Users can also create helpful workflow calendars which keeps every member on track. Because it’s incredibly easy, the app comes with a cost especially in terms of flexibility. For example, users won’t be able to create advance reporting as well as budgeting so it can be difficult to get a view of the entire picture with just one glance. For those that have straightforward projects and would rather not invest hours and hours on getting to learn a new system then Basecamp would be a good choice. Basecamp requires owners to pay per project instead of per user, there can be an unlimited number of users. Basecamp’s plans start off at $20 per month for each project and it can reach $150 a month.

  1. Slack

Numerous people has used the web app Slack for easy questions and answers. At first sight, it’s not the best and most intuitive web app, but it allows easy filtering and searching which helps the users find just what they need in a blink of an eye. Users are able to create numerous channels for just about any kind of conversation theme; the themes can be based on certain clients or projects, appointment chats and whatever best works for your business. Notifications can be customized with ease, this is incredibly helpful when you want to be retained in the loop but filter out all the unnecessary chat. One of the best part of the web app Slack is that it’s free for any number of users. There are more and better features which include unlimited searches as well as app integration, fees start at $6.97 a user per month.

  1. Streak

If you use Gmail or Google Apps for the business, then the Streak web app is the best CRM since it integrates with both the said email and apps. You can easily keep track of your place in your business relationship instead of organizing customers by contact. Let’s say that you just started with a pitch or you’re slowly finalizing a deal. Emails relevant with each client directly linked within Streak can be viewed. The news feed also keeps everyone in the team updated with the status of everything. Basic Streak is free but the premium versions are available from $19 to $199 a month per user.