Taking Advantage Of Social Media For Your Business

Whenever you want to expand the popularity of your business, your brand name or you want to promote a certain product you would advertise; the traditional ways involved TV commercials, flyers, newspaper ads and also radio advertisements. Now, you have to take into account where you are in the business when choosing an advertisement platform; it’s highly impractical to pay for a TV commercial with artists when you’ve just started out. One of the latest forms of advertisements involves social media, it’s not traditional but it’s basically free and anyone can take advantage of it to promote just about anything; the social media platform is quite large. But it’s not enough that they business’ social media account is active, there are ways to effectively take advantage of almost any social media account.

  1. Implement the Perfect Platform and Practices

It’s incredibly tempting to just follow through with various trends in social media, after all they are the what’s viewed as ‘hot’ in popular culture so people tend to jump on the hype train and do their very own version. Maximizing your use of your social media account basically means that you need to pick out the best platform and practices, find out the one that best fits your core business strategy. Let’s have an example, it might not make all that sense for your business to post a tweet on Twitter every hour. Keep in mind that’s what perfect for one company might not be all that compatible with yours.

The first thing you have to do is effectively determine the exact platform your customers and leads can make use of, then build your social media presence from there. The revenue impact from this strategy can be tricky to measure, you should set specific key performance indicators in order to properly evaluate the overall strategy; the key indicators you set up need to properly show whether the social media presence generated meaningful value for the company.

There are a lot of cases where a company improved their social media presence in order to enhance their visibility and reach. So it makes perfect sense to create an account across all the major social media platforms in order to optimize the reach results. For example, Facebook is without a doubt the largest social media platforms, but Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest present the highest growth rate.

  1. Setting Goals for Social Media Usage

A company’s social media goals will most likely be based on the purpose, size and location of the business itself. Although numerous companies enter the social media platform in order to:

  • Increase the overall referral traffic that their website receives.
  • Effectively drive lead generation as well as e-commerce purchases.
  • Improve the credibility of the business in the eyes of the market.
  • Display a certain corporate or business identity and culture that makes people want to work as employees.
  • Increase official reviews and feedbacks that the company or business receives from leads and customers.
  • Offer another place where clients can access customer services. Some clients prefer to write a tweet or maybe a Facebook post rather than compose an email or even call. A certain survey says that about 43{9cde708c450d7ed3bd2fab848e72907578f160069a623cba501e1877733f6b2e} of customers are likely to recommend products and services to friends and family if they are offered by a brand that responds quickly and efficiently.

  • A couple of media outlets might even consider the online presence of a company in case they want to feature the said company on a piece. The stories featured on your social media account will most likely help your brand reach the ears of reporters and writers.
  1. A Systemized Approach to Content

After choosing the perfect social media outlet for your business strategy, it’s time to develop a comprehensive plan for the entire format of your content. It’s key when developing any content plan because it retain consistency and organization on all the shared content even if you choose to post it on numerous social media accounts. Aside from that, decide how often you want to post, how you can earn maximum reach and how to quantify the results through your strategy.

As a start, you can look into certain social media management tools like Hootsuite. Sources like these are extremely useful for the people who manage a company’s social media account since it lets them post items in advance and filter specific channels where they would want to post the said content. Management like this help keeps a content plan consistent and less erratic. We also highly recommend a creation and maintenance of ongoing editorial calendar for the content. Typically, you should be able to see the entire week or month ahead; it mainly depends on the kind of business you own and the social strategy you want to implement.