Top 10 Ways To Improve Your SEO Ranking!

No matter how impressive and catchy your website is if you do not have an audience to boost your business.

But, from where will you generate traffic for your website? For increasing your visibility and getting a chance to be clicked, you need to be at the top in SEO ranking to improve your business.

As per research, the chance of getting your website cliecked is over 33%, if you are on top of search results. Some of the tips are listed below to help you out in improving your ranking.

Keyword Research

Placing of specific keywords in your site is a vital SEO tact. Keywords help the user in finding a particular service or product. Research, how will  your audience find the products related to your services  and use them as the main keywords in your website. Make sure you don’t add unnecessary words, as this can lead your site to be flagged as spam.  Use high valued keywords like Get The Clicks – St. Pete SEO has used in their website design.

SEO Friendly URL

A URL is the first thing that SEO and customer will see. URL structure should not be included unnecessary words. Use relevant keywords in URL that describes your page. It should be short without repeated words.

Outbound Links Develops Trust

You can make your site more relevant by linking to an authority site, helping readers with more deep information. Linking believes to be sending trust signals to search engines which in turn improve your SEO ranking.

Higher Quality Contact Us Page

Putting a link on the Contact us page in navigation can also be turned as fruitful for your business. Sufficient contact information is considered as trustworthy and is helpful in ranking your website higher in SEO.

Page Loading

Slower the page loading speed more are the chances of getting the lowest rank. SEO takes into account page loading speed in their website ranking algorithm. Optimize your coding, remove unnecessary elements and upgrade your web host to increase your page loading speed.

Social Media

Your business needs to be active on social media! SEO ranking is increased with the increase of your brand’s popularity on social media when people will share your links to other platforms. To boost this, you can include social sharing icons on your contents to let user share in just one click.

Fix broken links

Broken links give your SEO ranking a negative impact. Just imagine when a visitor lands on an invalid website through the link provided by you, how frustrating it would be for them. Spot your broken links fix them or remove them for improving your ranking and user experience.

Optimize For Mobile Devices

Over 60% of searches come from mobile devices, which means you have to design a website that is mobile friendly. The search engine will recognize this and will also ranks your site according to the optimization of your site for mobile devices. You can’t afford to hamper your user experience. Your website needs to be mobile compatible.


Regular updating is one of the best practices for proving relevancy of your site. Search engines monitor that too. Try to keep your site as fresh as you can.

Monitoring Progress Is Must

Always keep track of your search standings to know whether your SEO work is paying or not. Keep a record of your ranking and how your visitors are arriving on your site.

Your website needs to be focused on your SEO ranking as it helps you to a greater extent in excelling your business. Monitor your traffic and ranking on a regular basis, who knows when you claim the top spot.