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Why has Extra Torrent shut down permanently?

The question on everyone’s mind is ‘what happened to ExtraTorrent?’ The sudden closure of one of the world’s biggest torrent site came as a shock, with only a simple message stating that its content has been completely erased.

Extratorrent shutdown could come from a couple of reasons which are obviously related to legalities and possible litigation as its sudden action left a hole in the space of online entertainment for its fans.

ExtraTorrent domains that exist as mirror sites have completely dissolved leaving a void in its place. The site has suffered major blows which led to the loss of 3 of its sites in November 2015. The next big dysfunction was the closure of its main domain in March 2017 which was set in motion by the registrar.

A lot of torrent sites are shutting down operations after years of establishing a large user base and index capacity. This might be a cue that we are coming close to the era of closure of torrenting.

But worry not! We have harvested a list of sites for you so you can still access the mighty ExtraTorrents

Proxy and Mirror Sites – What are Those

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Torrenting has become a large industry on its own where individuals can download movies of their choice online and watch for free. However, torrenting is banned in some major countries as they have cost the movie making industry billions of dollars while giving out hard work for free. Some torrent users use free proxy websites to unblock extratorrents which give them free access to online movies undetected. Many users also patronize extratorrent ag which is the mirror site for main torrent domains in order to stay unseen and safe from public eye.

List of the Top 15 Working – ExtraTorrent proxy – ExtraTorrents unblock – Unblock torrent

ExtraTorrents Proxy/Mirror SiteStatus

Can Government Ban Extratorrent Mirror Sites

Extratorrents movie downloads have been the easiest and cheapest ways to get quality entertainment online. The legality of these torrent movies are often debatable but we do know that once in a while the Government may decide to intervene for movie production companies who are losing money to torrents, especially extratorrents cc or mirror sites.

Extratorrent downloads are free and this makes it difficult for movie producing companies to get the royalties they deserve; so can the government Ban extratorrent mirror sites? A straight answer is NO. Mirror sites are protected by proxy networks and are basically dummy sites. If one dies, there will always be another one to be replaced.

How to Access Extratorrent Without VPN

Extratorrent movie list are inexhaustible and serve as go-to entertainment for torrent users.  However, torrenting may not be acceptable to all regions or countries. Some countries do not allow torrenting so if you find yourself in one of these places a VPN may be advisable.

Another easy choice is the use of extratorrent mirror sites which serve as duplicate domains for torrenting. Mirror sites are the various extratorrent proxy sites which are IP protected and provide the covering you need in order to gain access to quality entertainment on the website- So, no VPN? No problem.

Important Tips on Using ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror Sites:

Even though torrenting has been banned in a few countries and states, it is still at an all time high. Extratorrent download statistics are increasing yearly as these websites are the easiest way to get cheap entertainment. The intervention by the Government to shutdown extratorrents sites seemed effective as we witnessed the sudden closure of major torrent sites. This however, isn’t the end of extratorrents as there are thousands of extratorrent cd sites out there which are mirror sites of the original and are up and running. The idea to totally eliminate all extratorrent mirror sites may not be feasible due to their large numbers, not to mention the fact that the continually change domain names to evade the spotlight.


There is a lot of dust-raising on the issue of torrenting and the illegal status of these sites, this is a debate that would takes a long period to resolve or reconcile as die-hard users always seek extratorrent alternatives when one site is shut down. Extratorrent movies are free and the easiest source of entertainment so most people result to the use of VPN and proxy networks to unblock torrent.

The future of torrenting is yet uncertain but torrenting isn’t going anywhere too soon, unless there is a form of policy that perhaps enables the movie industry and torrent sites to work together to coexist.

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