6 Things to Consider When Decorating a Game Room

Gamers become very personal when it comes to setting up their gaming room. Besides all the perfect technical things you can play a lot with decoration and make it a thrilling experience. Let’s see how.

The Lighting

Lights are an essential aspect of a gaming room. The perfect lights make the gaming experience even more adventurous. In addition, the lights add to the decor and set the mood of the space. 

The classic RGB red, green, blue lights for gaming rooms are popularly used. Consider remote control dimming lights. Medium-light is usually preferred for gaming rooms. You can install concealed lights on the ceiling. Patterned installation of ceiling lights looks so good. You must consider the intensity of light and add at perfect locations.

The Seating

The perfect chair for gaming is the center of attraction of any gaming room. There are plenty of choices; opt for comfortable sofas or gaming chairs with vibrant colors. Install Seating capacity according to the expected visitors.

The gaming chair recliner is most comfortable with a neck, lumbar support, and armrest. If you are going with your comfy sofa, install a cushioned table for resting your legs and placing the remote. Place comfortable cushions and comforters over your couch.

Wall Art

The gaming room is your own dedicated personal space. It’s a place where you can’t do much with space-consuming decor. You must have enough room for walking freely and for your visitors. Wall art comes for your rescue. There are some unique wall art ideas out there like these to decorate the gaming room. 

Try for a large canvas of your favorite game poster or gaming hero. Suppose, One wall can be dedicated to a single game and another to a different one. Try sleek modern merge in unframed canvas. 

The split canvas of three, four, or five frames looks so trendy. One image is split into different structures. You can do so much with canvases and photo prints as there are so many options, collages, hexagonal prints, or panoramic prints.

If you want to install something abstract, go for any vibrant print. You can also customize your canvas and photo prints. With so many options available with wall art, decor becomes so simplified. LED lights around the wall art highlight the wall decor and give your room a fabulous look.


Setting up the floor seems a good idea if you have the budget. Go for two-color patterned tiles—Black and white or anything that looks good.  You can also buy a cushioned carpet and place it from wall to wall. It feels comfortable on the feet. You can also throw an exciting rug in front of your seating area. 


You must install light-blocking dark and heavy curtains. People prefer a gaming room without natural light because it doesn’t hinder the video. Hang full-length drapes with exotic rods. The fabric can be velvet or anything that appears excellent. This setting will give the gaming room the aura it demands.

Some gamers prefer a little natural light, and it’s totally up to you. In that case, you can install light curtains which will allow a little light. Dark or light full-length curtains look so good.

Some Add ons

If you have extra area, add to your decor by installing a gaming Library. First, build a high rack with shelves. You can buy it, borrow it from other rooms, or you can make it yourself or with the help of a local carpenter. Next, place all your collections of gaming things from past and present. Be it gaming magazines or CDs.

Install a rack under your audio-video unit for all your favorite gadgets and showcase them. Your favorite headsets, wifi routers, and gaming remotes. With all the devices comes a heavy wire network. Hide them with the help of a wire organizer.

You can add some fun elements to your gaming room by installing a table. Place your popcorn machine, fridge for drinks, and some go-to snacks. Keep the table tidy and decorate it with a painted pot with indoor plants.

Final Words

If you are a hard core gamer and have a dedicated gaming room, then decorate it with the help of above tips. Keep the mentioned things in mind while decorating a gaming space.