Wondershare VidAir – Perfect Tool for Your Video Editing Needs 

The world is evolving. With everything on the internet, individuals have the opportunity to go online. If someone surveys eCommerce platforms, they will find that the e-retail business covers 3.53tr USD in total sales worldwide.

The number must be enticing, but one must understand how to promote their product to the right audience. 

Tips like providing quality service and cheap products are getting old. Businesses have to find new mediums to reach their customers and engage them for a long. The best way to deal with the situation is by using Facebook and Instagram ads. 

These two are widely being used all across the globe. Almost everyone with a smartphone is on either of the two applications. 

However, creating an enticing ad video might get a little tough for a newbie. 

Wondershare VidAir is an editing tool that makes the video creation process simple and faster. One can use this application to make a video instead of paying a professional. 

How to Use Wondershare VidAir? 

Using Wondershare VidAir is the simplest thing one ever has to do. With the easy sign-up process, users won’t have to worry about downloading the application on their device. 

They can visit the official website of the software and sign-up to use the same. 

The process of video-creation is very minimalistic as it starts with you selecting a template for your video. Depending on the niche, the template can vary from beauty & fashion to rural life. 

Now, the users need to add the different video clips they need in the video. Similarly, they can edit the video with different customization features, making it one hell of an experience. 

Once the editing is completed, the users are free to go through the video again using the preview option. This helps in avoiding the export feature as one doesn’t have to go through the whole hustle. 

That’s all. Using Wondershare VidAir has never been tough. It is the smart tech that makes the whole process easy and user-friendly. Even a new person can make professional-looking videos using the application. 

Benefits of Using Wondershare VidAir 

It is always the benefits that entice users to select a product. 

Free Version

Users are not bound to pay for the application. The sign-up process is completely free and doesn’t ask for any card details. 

Rather several editing features are available for free, which meets the requirement of an editor. 

However, something that might bother a person is the watermark that comes along with a video. Once you have edited a video on Wondershare VidAir, users can remove the watermark only by purchasing the application’s licensed version. 

The licensed version allows you to download the video in 1080p and comes in with 2GB of cloud storage. 

Variety of Templates 

As mentioned earlier, content is ruled by uniqueness. With a variety of templates, the use of this application becomes much easier. It is the special features like search options and differentiation by categories, which makes the process of locating a template easier. 

Wondershare VidAir has a huge collection of templates, which is mesmerizing and useful at the same time. 

A user won’t find it hard to edit his video using the application and will be able to maintain the uniqueness in the video. 

Use Your Logo 

It is important to have the freedom to include your logo. After all, the application is made for creating attractive ad-videos. 

If you find the watermark disturbing, you can remove it by paying $9.99/month. The rates go severely down if you opt for the annual package. 

Freedom to Innovate 

Most of the editing software comes in with pre-built templates. Wondershare VidAir understands the need for uniqueness when creating an ad video. 

The templates are flexible, as one is free to edit them as per their needs. This feature helps one bring in the right touch of adversity in the video and, therefore, drive more engagement. 

Wondershare VidAir has a lot to offer when one gets used to the features in the long run. 

All the various features combined can offer an exclusive touch to the video. 


Wondershare VidAir is one of the best video-making software available in the market. Now, users don’t have to worry about missing on the professional-touch as most of it is covered by VidAir. 

Use the official link and get a touch of the same. What are you waiting for? 

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