Wondershare VidAir: The Best Video Editor Tool Online

There are many factors that need to be considered in creating a perfect video no matter whether it is for any personal purpose or for marketing purposes. Especially for making a video for marketing purposes, the video needs to be very attractive in order to grab the attention of the maximum viewers.

Having a good script, skillful camera and audio works, and seasoned producing and directing are crucial aspects in order to make a marketing video successful. But the most important part of video creation is where all of this comes together to form a coherent story and that important part is editing.

Previously, editing was considered as a very difficult task and only the people with proper skills could edit videos in a perfect manner. But with a modern video editor tool online, even people with zero experience in the editing field are making and creating wonderful informative videos. WonderShare’s VidAir is one such online video editing tool that is making the job of editing feasible for all internet users.


Why is video editing important?

  1. Video editing enables the users in adding special effects, highlighting certain areas and also adding music and audio in the background of the videos. This helps in making the video more appealing and can attract the attention of more number of viewers when posted on any social site.
  2. With the help of the video editor tool online,the users can make changes in the videos when required. The user will be able to add as well as remove the unwanted things if there is a need. Most of the individuals as well as organizations love to add the most accurate contents that can give a visual treat to the viewers through video editing.
  3. For the business owners, marketing their products with the help of video contents can bring the best outcome in their businesses. But, the videos made for marketing purposes must have amazing visual treats to seek the attention of the viewers and also impress them in the very first shot.

For these reasons, these days video editing is considered as a very important thing for making the best outcome from a video.

The features offered by a good video editing tool

The modern video editors have made the job of video editing easier for all and it also brought a great change in the video editing techniques. These video editors are basically software programs and are mostly easy to use. The users of these software programs can edit their videos successfully, even if they do not have any prior experience of video editing. The main features provided by a good video editing tool like WonderShare’s VidAir are:

  1. Hassle free set-up:

     VidAir is an online tool that can be run straight from the web browser without the requirement of downloading any software. For creating and editing videos online, you will simply require to sign-up for free on this platform, then pick up a video template, aspect ratio of the video you want to make and then jump straight to the steps where you can edit the videos without wasting any time.

  2. Gallery of templates:

    Then comes the most important feature that WonderShare’s VidAir provides to its users and that is the gallery of templates. Just after a user logs in VidAir, he will be able to find a number of templates. The user can either select a template from the template gallery or search for a specific template he is looking for.

Remember that your video will be edited on the basis of the template you choose, so try to be careful while selecting the template. This video maker hosts tons of templates based on themes like holidays, festivals, travels, food and drinks, fashion, wedding and many more. You will also be able to find some of the most commonly used tags pinned up on the top and these will help you to select any category of templates which you may need.

  1. Various editing options for customizing the videos:

    After selecting the template, you will be able to pick an alignment which will depend on the platform for which you are creating the video. After this, you will be able to try multiple editing and customization options that are available on the online video maker.

For instance, you can upload your local files and insert background music, texts, stickers, special effects and more in order to make your video more beautiful.

  1. Preview button:

    After making all the required edits and changes, you will be able to use the handy preview button below the video tile to view the changes you can make. You can also tap the preview button after making each edit to check whether you are creating the video in the way you wanted it or not.

When you work on a long video, this option can be of great use if you want to save your editing so far and get back to it later on.

  1. Save and export:

    After you complete the editing part and if the edit seems okay in the preview, you can click on the save and export option to instantly download the video.

  2. Features of paid version of VidAir:

    Your edited video will have watermark of WonderShare’s VidAir when you use it’s free version. So, you can opt for the paid version of VidAir if you want to remove the watermark and this version also supports 1080p resolution and will provide 2GB of cloud storage as well.

If you are creating a video ad for promoting your brand on Facebook or any other social media site, you will definitely have to stick to their preferred formats. And WonderShare VidAir offers templates and settings that are specific to each platform.


With help of WonderShare VidAir, you can unleash your imagination in creating your own interesting and professional-looking videos. Besides with the help of the readymade templates, you can get ideas regarding how to create an attractive video.