3 Latest Technologies Business Should Adopt In 2017

At least within tech circles, it’s almost always agreed that the traditional enterprise is quite slow in adapting to the latest trends and gadgets available in the market. In the past, it may have been 100{9cde708c450d7ed3bd2fab848e72907578f160069a623cba501e1877733f6b2e} true, but now it’s increasingly less so. You may have noticed the small players in the business world quickly and effectively take advantage of all the latest relevant trends. Entire enterprises have acted faster than ever before to all these latest technology in business by finding effective ways to incorporate them in their business. And so with that being said, her are three tools that are quite popular in today’s market and the ways that businesses have taken advantage of them.

  1. Augmented Reality

Any doubts and concerns regarding augmented reality has been put to rest for good the moment Microsoft displayed their HoloLens glasses. They recently stated that the augmented reality or AR headset will be readily available almost anywhere. Sure technology like this is still in its infant stages, Microsoft has its eyes trained and focused on enterprise customers. A lot of the demonstrations mainly featured game usage, but that’s just to show the entire capability of the platform. But Microsoft features the uses of AR in business as well.

Business ideas are a lot more convincing when they are shown and not just told. Devices made for Holographic computing offers a new window of opportunity to bring potential products to life. AR devices can be used to show designs, collaborate with people through distances and see things in the real world. AR lenses allow users to actually see work that’s about to be done in 3D without the costs of launching and creating.

  1. Wireless Conference Rooms

Any established companies out there have numerous meeting spaces dedicated to teams, in order to bring them together and properly discuss ideas and proposals among other things. In the past, meetings through videos and images are ineffective due to clunky wire solutions and all those accessories sprawled out in the meeting area. But now, meeting rooms integrate Internet connectivity through wireless devices. A company should adopt these wireless solutions in order to connect with clients, offices and employees; it makes it all that easier to collaborate and share with everyone else involved.

An effective solution would be a VIA line of numerous tools specifically designed to take a conference room wherever your team may be. With the help of VIA, companies can stream videos and multiple presentations on numerous conference rooms without all the wire. Participants are given the freedom to take control of a screen and share it with others.

  1. IoT in the Enterprise

Regardless if you’re referring to smart thermostats, connected security cameras or smart lights, the Internet of Things (IoT) has offers tons of products for the comfort and security of its consumers. The business world may be one of the largest consumers for numerous IoT devices. In fact, business owners and manager have taken it upon themselves to avail and install connected sensors and cameras in order to monitor the productivity and efficiency of their employees.

IoT or the internet of things is not just developed to empower things but also to empower people. A great example would be the highly time consuming tasks involved in data entry. As IoT steadily takes over the workplace, manual entry will become not only impractical but overall irrelevant. Thus human errors are avoided and it frees the time of the employees so they’ll be able to focus on much more important tasks; they have more time apply data instead of entering it.