5 Reasons Why Telemedicine Works For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

In today’s day and age of people exploring just how far the internet can take them in terms of simplifying their lives — telemedicine has popped up as the new frontier of hassle-free healthcare.

For many, doctor’s visits may be stretched to the last possible minute or even avoided altogether in the case of cosmetic or non-life threatening issues because of the time consuming and uncomfortable nature of in-person visits.

Telemedicine aims to sidestep the non-essential and potentially annoying elements of visits to your physician such as the commute, missed work, waiting rooms, paper gowns, etc., by connecting you with a doctor virtually almost instantaneously. And, while this new approach to healthcare may not work seamlessly for all conditions (such as life-threatening conditions, complicated illnesses, or diseases that require rigorous testing), erectile dysfunction treatment may be one that fits perfectly into the telemedicine healthcare model.

In this article, we will cover 5 points that help make erectile dysfunction (ED) and telemedicine a good pair to help make a delicate situation simpler, comfortable, and more efficient.

1. Patients May Feel More Comfortable Meeting With A Doctor Virtually.

Even for the most unabashed patient, having a detailed conversation with a doctor about your sex life issues can be unpleasant.

And, while we agree that this conversation is normal and needs to happen for the patient to get proper medical treatment, with telemedicine, this interaction can be made as comfortable as possible while still supplying the doctor will all the information they need.

With telemedicine consults for ED, patients can connect with doctors one-on-one without the added steps of talking in a thin-walled office, verbally informing multiple office staff what your issue is, or having to sit in an uncomfortable chair under fluorescent lights describing your most intimate moments.

2. Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis Does Not Usually Involve Imaging Or Outpatient testing.

A diagnosis for ED can often be made by having a patient answer a series of questions regarding any issues or changes to their sex lives, along with a medical history and review of their current conditions and medications.

This makes erectile dysfunction an ideal candidate for telemedicine visits since there are usually no complex scans or tests involved for the majority of cases. Of course, this may not be true for everyone seeking ED treatment, as complicated issues such as severe health conditions, physical penile deformities, or previous failures of ED medications can make a case more difficult, requiring additional testing in person.

If during the course of an online telemedicine visit the doctor feels that you are not a good candidate, or that you should be seen in person by a urologist for additional testing, the doctor will let you know and with the Strut Health telemedicine platform, you will not be charged for the online consultation.

3. Medications Are Normally Well Tolerated And Easy To Use.

With the two most popular erectile dysfunction medications, Sildenafil (generic Viagra) and Tadalafil (generic Cialis), most users tolerate the medication well with few to no side effects.

Also, the dosing of these medications is simple and straightforward, with users most often instructed to simply take the medication 30 minutes – 1 hour before sexual activity, and not taking more than 1 dose a day.

This simple dosing and low rate of side effects make these medications the ideal type of treatment for telemedicine consults.

4. Patients Can Avoid An Awkward Pharmacy ED Medication Pick-Up.

When getting treatment for erectile dysfunction from an in-person doctor’s visit, the trip to the doctor’s office is often only half of it, considering that the patient then normally needs to drop by their pharmacy to pick up the prescription.

This increases the time spent and the potentially awkward interactions for the patient, since all staff members in the pharmacy can see the medications prescribed while putting together your prescription, and sometimes the pharmacist needs to verbally consult with you about the medication.

With a telemedicine visit for erectile dysfunction, if you need medication, your prescription order can often be sent to the pharmacy, put together, checked, and shipped straight to your front door without you having to step foot into a pharmacy. And, while there still may be pharmacist consults or questions for you to ensure your safety and proper use of the medication, these can often be handled by a quick and private phone call.

5. Packages Can Be Discreetly Marked for optimal privacy.

Just like how privacy is of optimal importance during your doctor’s visit, we feel that privacy is just as important in the labeling and packaging of your medication during shipping.

Whether you have children, roommates, elderly parents living with you, or just nosy neighbors – you have the right for your medications and treatments to be kept private.

At Strut Health, we package medications securely and ensure that all external labels are discreetly marked, so that your medical treatments remain your business.