5 Reasons You Need A Surface Dock

The great thing about using a laptop is its portability. You can literally carry it everywhere and resume work where you left it. You can use the laptop while you’re standing, sitting, or when you set it on your lap. However you use it, you can still get work done.

A laptop works great on its own, but what if you need more than one monitor or have a lot of gadgets to go with it? Wouldn’t it be better if you had something to connect everything together and look organized at the same time? Enter a USB docking station. It’s the one gadget you should consider getting if you prefer a transformative, full-blown desktop workstation that you can leave looking neat any time you want.

So what exactly is a dock, and why do you need it? A docking station is a device where you can charge all your gadgets, including a laptop computer, smartphones, and other peripherals. Why do you need it? There are many reasons you need a dock, and here are some of them.

For Simplicity’s Sake

Forget about putting away all the wires and devices on your table when you leave and then assembling back together when you arrive for work. It’s time-consuming and unnecessary. A docking station will help keep your space neat and clean because you literally just add a dock and the rest of the wires and gadgets will align themselves.

The cables you need for USB, power, audio, or display can all be neatly plugged in the dock. When you set down your laptop, you only need to plug in the one cable from the dock, and you’re ready to go. It’s the same thing for when you need to take your computer home with you.

Device Compatibility

Most docking stations have the capability to support USB Type-A or Type-C devices, which are most peripherals, like a mouse, a keyboard, a gaming headset, printers, and monitors. You don’t need to get an adapter to plug in your gadgets. Just plug in and do your business anytime.

Powerful Workstation

The docking station makes all the difference when it comes to creating a powerful workstation because everything is centralized. When you have everything within reach, productivity is guaranteed. When you need to focus on another monitor to code or edit pictures or videos, you don’t have to fuss around with the cable wires.

You can also make use of the extra USB ports to plug whatever gadget you haven’t plugged in yet. You can put a headset or maybe a game controller if you want so you can game after working hard.

Nonintrusive Minimalist Design

Docking stations are built and designed to boost your productivity. Therefore, it makes sense to make them useful, compatible, and nonintrusive. This means that it adapts itself easily with your gadgets because its sleek and compact design allows you to get to work fast without any distracting features like intrusive lights or sounds.

Goodbye, Desktops

Desktops have long been marketed as a be-all and end-all device for work and gaming, but when you have the convenience of a docking station, the need for a desktop is reduced or eliminated. When all your devices are accommodated and accounted for and neatly tied together in a minimalist way, there’s no reason you should go back to the bulkiness of desktop computer. Additionally, docking stations allow you to have easy access to any of your gadgets anytime you need them.

As for pricing, desktop computers can hundreds of dollars while docking stations are worth less than that. Additionally, desktops are not portable, and you can’t take them with you anywhere, which is crucial to your work if you have an important business meeting.

How Do You Use Your Surface Dock?

The surface dock is one of those gadgets that are so useful, you don’t know what to do if you don’t have them. If you haven’t tried one yet and decide to do so in the near future, it may change your life. There’s a variety of ways you can use docking stations for work and play.

Do you use a surface dock? How do you use it aside from the reasons mentioned above? Share your thoughts in the comments section.