Benefits Of Using Printed Badges For Events

When it comes to event planning there are many factors to consider and a lot that can go wrong. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is controlling the crowd.

Every event is different and requires unique planning and logistics custom to the specific event. However, most events have various different groups of guests. Usually categorized into general admission, VIP, premium, etc…

When you’re a major corporation or a larger organization, a whole team can be dedicated to coordinating the event. However, where does this leave those who wish to hold a big event like that but are only one person? Or a small business?

Event badges are a great way to control your guests’ level of access to the event as well as identifying guests vs. staff and so on. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using custom event badges for events.


The biggest benefit of using custom event badges is the ability for everyone to display their name. When you’re dealing with an event where large groups of people are attending it can be difficult to know who everyone is.

Badge printing for events can be used to identify each of your guests by having their name printed on the badge itself. But, keep in mind these are different than nametags.

Typically name tags are disposable stickers that guests stick to their clothes. For most small events this is fine, however, when you’re holding the event to raise capital for a business venture as a small business owner, or hosting a birthday party, name tags might cheapen the experience.

A high-quality event badge, like the ones made out of PVC, can make guests feel like they are attending a high-quality event. Instead of the local PTA meeting.

Providing your guests with the ability to identify themselves this way promotes an environment for networking. Or just makes sure you know who everyone is and no one who isn’t supposed to be there is in attendance.

Categorize Your Guests

Fundraisers are famous for this. High-profile investors receive VIP treatment while the “general admission” guests can easily identify the VIPs.

There’s no reason to get super fancy here as far as creating VIP only locations with their badges granting them access. Instead, choose a color coding system to easily identify who belongs to what category.

This can be useful when holding a networking or fundraising event. For both types of events, it’s beneficial to be able to separate out influencers, VIPs, investors, and those looking to network or raise capital.

Easily Identified Staff

As with the guests, your staff can also make use of the color-coded printed badges. Having your guests be able to easily identify your staff members can be highly beneficial.

Including guests, staffing is one of the hardest parts of event planning. Regardless of the event, you will typically be looking at hiring servers, caterers, ushers, hosts, etc…

Using a color-coded system you can help to ensure your staff enters only that area they are authorized and likewise can help to stop an usher being asked a question for the caterer. Or vice versa.

Your guests will be able to identify who is who on your staff and what their job is. Allowing them to enjoy themselves more, and worry less about finding someone to answer their question or point them to the bathroom.

Brand Promotion

Badge printing for events can also be helpful in promoting your own brand. When you are holding a charity event or fundraiser for or sponsored by your company, badges are a great way to promote.

Putting your brand logo or image on your custom event badges will help your guests to remember your business’s name. Which when networking or fundraising this is the goal. Even if the fundraiser is for someone else.

Never miss a chance to promote.

Custom Event Badges

When it comes to planning an event, custom badges can be a lifesaver. They can provide a way for your guests to identify themselves, to categorize guests and staff by role or guest level. And they are a great way to promote your own brand while raising money for a charity or capital for your startup.

There are many ways in which an event can go wrong and even the smallest error in planning can seem to be catastrophic. However, with careful planning and logistics in place, you’ll have nothing to worry about.