Best Gaming Laptops for Playing FPS games

In perhaps just a decade ago, when it comes to playing video games on a computer, the only reasonable choice is to play these games on a personal computer as it is usually believed that a laptop can’t provide the exact gaming experience and video performance as a desktop PC.

However, it’s different in recent years as there are more and more laptops which can provide a satisfactory or even better gaming experience for video-demanding game types, such as first-person shooter or FPS games. FPS games require fast response time for players to execute their actions, thus it’s crucial that these games must be maintained at high frame rates all the time. Thus, it is always more precise to utilize FPS games to determine if a laptop’s hardware is enough to play video games. 

Also, being able to game anytime, anywhere is a more convenient and suitable way to game as you can game anywhere you like without being confined to your own house. Gaming can now be a social activity when you physically meet up with gamers and game in the same room. The experience is different as compared to gaming alone in your own homes.

Laptops suitable for video games not only requires powerful CPU and GPU but also require advanced display capable of showing game image in ultra-high resolution with extreme clarity and contrast ratio. One of the best gaming laptops suitable for video games is the Razor Blade series laptop developed by Razer Inc. Razer gaming laptops have been embraced by fans and gamers alike. The Razor Blade series product line was initiated in 2011 and has since incorporated numerous laptops suitable for gaming enthusiasts. The latest Razor Blade laptop announced in early 2019 is the beast among other competitors, it possessed Intel Core i7 processor with upgradable RAM up to 64 GB, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphic adapter, OLED display for resolution up to 4K, and so forth. It’s a state-of-the-art laptop for gamers to experience extreme gaming performance as well as stunning video quality while enjoying the game. 

If you consider yourself one of the gaming enthusiasts and are die-hard fans for FPS games, Razor Blade series is the only reasonable choice for the best gaming laptop you ever need.