Best Universities For Computer Science 2019

After the student graduates from high school the first thing he/she thoughts about is joining a college. There are many colleges and he can take admission in anyone (if the student falls under eligibility condition). There will be students thinking about enrolling in the computer science course.  

Computers have taken over this world. Everywhere, any place you go, you will find a machine operated through a computer. Either you are an amazing programmer or thesis geek, computer science can make you fall in love with computers. However, there are many universities offering computer science course but today, we will discuss the top universities which offers computer science course. 

  • University of Oxford

The University of Oxford has always been the center of excellence for many years. It is one of the oldest and best universities in the whole world. Although, you might be thinking is oxford university is worth it? Then the answer will be definitely! 

Since its start, the department provided notes and lectures for undergraduates as well as trained research students. Furthermore, the students are allowed to take the course in quantum computing, information system, computational biology, computational linguistics, software verification and software engineering.

Oxford University offers 3 degrees (undergraduate): computer science and philosophy, single honors computer science, and maths and computer science. Like students from other departments, computer science department students (whether undergraduate or postgraduate) is part of Oxford’s colleges where they have the option to study, socialize, eat, and live.

  • ETH Zurich

If we look at the past of ETH Zurich then we will find many projects and researches on software development as well as designing computer systems. As the number of students started to take interest and all those projects called for a separate computer science department.

The objective of this department to provide student knowledge about algorithms and theory, information security, networks, and distributed system, and computational intelligence. In addition, the latest programming languages are also taught. 

However, the department has close links with businesses and industries such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Disney, and SAP and together they work on research projects.

  • Stanford University

The department of computer science at Stanford University was first established in 1965. The department offers doctor of philosophy, bachelors of science, and masters of science. 

Today, the computer science department undertakes research which includes programming systems, robotics, scientific computing, foundations of computer science, and artificial intelligence.

  • University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the top universities in this world. It has a computer science department as well which offers Computer Science Tripos course for undergraduate students. It is three to four-year program in computer science course.

Furthermore, University of Cambridge also offers an MPhil in computer science. This will help students to prepare for PhD in computer science. 

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The motto of the department of electrical engineering and computer science is “Our students change the world”. If we analyze the alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology then most of them are on the list of influential entrepreneurs. In addition, they are one of those people who are making changes at home and abroad.

The best part of MIT is that they encourage their students to develop start-ups. The research projects have found problems including calculation of financial risks of renewable energy as well as developing faster parallel computing.

The curriculum of MIT (for undergraduates) is very flexible. This allows them to concentrate on both practical problems as well as abstract theory in the field of computer science. If the student wills, he/she can major in computer science. There is another option of major in both molecular biology and computer science. The graduates of MIT mostly go on to work on supercomputers, join big companies (such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc.), research robotics, and design video games.

  • Conclusion

Many universities rank and compete with other universities. Do remember a good university doesn’t guarantee your job although they might have links with big industries. If you got admission in a good university, don’t take that as granted, take it as a blessing and work hard so that you can make up to the list of high achievers.