Convert MP4 to WAV Safely With Wondershare UniConverter

MPEG-4 or commonly known as MP4 is the most popular digital multimedia format that is used to store video and audio files around the world. Another format is called wave or WAV used for storing TV, radio, DVD or any other media that require uncompromised audio quality. While MP4 can be used for both video and audio files, WAV works only for audio files. 

However, MP4 is a lossy file format that compresses files while encoding. MP4 files may be smaller in size because of compression but it is WAC format that gives better quality output. 

So if you have songs in MP4 format and you wish to listen to them while travelling as audio files you will need to convert them to the wave format or .WAV

WAV files provide uncompromised audio quality that has no loss while conversion. They are also the best choice for loops processing for web animations. Even though MP3 file format is famous among music users, it is WAV format that gives a lossless uncompressed audio quality output. 

There are no inbuilt methods to convert MP4 files to WAV format. 

People can choose between online convertors or offline software. Online converters might be able to convert media files. However, there is a risk of files being hacked while converting. Such platforms are slow and require stable internet connectivity. 

This is when external software is the best option for converting media files. They don’t require the internet and are always safe. 

One of such software is  Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare UniConverter

UniConverter is one of the trusted softwares for converting and editing media files. It is available for both Windows and MAC operating systems. Available free of cost, UniConverter is a stable and reliable tool that can convert media files from MP4 to WAV in lightning-fast speed. 

It has a clean two tab interface that ensures ease of access while using the software. 

UniConverter can do a lot more in addition to converting media files. Want to burn your DVD’s? This software has it covered. Compress, Download, and Edit videos? Yes, you can perform these functions as well. 

Why UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is no doubt the one-stop easy solution for converting MP4 to WAV format. Here are highlights of the software, 

  • Conversion Formats – UniConverter supports more than 1000 formats for converting media files. MP4 to WAV are two of many formats that can be converted with this software.
  • Supports multiple devices – If you want to convert video files to device-specific formats. This is also possible as the software can convert files for Apple devices, Android devices, VR, game consoles, etc. A complete list of supported devices can be found here
  • Faster Video Conversion Speed – This is supported by APEXTRANS technology that speeds up the conversion of MP4 files to WAV up to 30 times faster. 
  • Editing – You no longer need to download different softwares for converting and editing. UniConverter can compress, edit, burn, transfer videos, add video metadata, and more features along with converting. 
  • Quality – Speeding up the process doesn’t have an effect on quality. UniConverter has a lossless conversion that provides high-quality outputs. 

Convert MP4 to WAV with Wondershare UniConverter – Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Start by downloading Wondershare Unit Converter for MP4 to WAV conversion. Quickly follow the installation process and launch the software. 

Follow the next steps to convert your media file to WAV format.  

Step 2: Next step is to upload the MP4 file to the converter. 

Click the add files option from the convert section as visible in the next image. You can also drag and drop the file onto the UniConverter screen. 

Step 3: Before starting the conversion, choose WAV as the output format.

You can choose the desired output format, in this case, WAV from the option – ‘Convert Files to’ and choose WAV from the Audio Tab. When converting batch files, this will specify output format for all files. 

You can also choose the desired output quality in this section. 

Step 4: Choose the desired output location for WAV files. Hit Create and your MP4 files will start converting to WAV. 


.WAV is an audio format with no loss during encoding and provides high-quality uncompressed output. Convert MP4 files to wav format and you can listen to them as audio files on the go. And the best software for converting MP4 to WAV format is Wondershare UniConverter that can convert above 1000 files formats and is 30 times faster than online versions. 

Download UniConverter can start converting, editing, and downloading your files.