Exspeedite Software Is The Best Choice For Fleet Management

I have been in the software industry for quite a long time, long enough to understand every but of the industry. Looking away for the general software industry, I have been able to focus on software as it applies and its application in transportation and transportation management.

On software as it applies to the transportation industry, I have been able to focus on the impact and the role which software has played in fleet management. And from my years of experience, I know the software that is worth their salt and very software that is the kind of them all.

To guide transportation companies and fleet management software companies, there is the need to provide a good guide for the industry on the one software that is worth spending the financial resources of their company on, regardless of the size of their company.

I will not assume that everybody is like me; an individual with a lot experience in the transportation industry and the application of software in the fleet management business. As a result, we are going to start off this article by taking a good presentation of fleet management the fleet management industry. We are also going to look at the application of software in fleet management and then take you by the hand and show the very software that I consider prime for your company no matter the level of your growth.

What Is Current Today In Fleet Management

Fleet management is essentially transportation management. This is the management of the various systems and mediums of transportation. That is to say that fleet management is all encompassing.

Fleet management includes the management of specialist vehicles, commercial motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, trailers and vans. For further emphasis, management of mobile construction machinery also falls under fleet management. Also, currently as it is today,  planes, helicopters and indeed general aviation machinery falls under fleet management, including rail cars, and ships.

Companies that are in the commercial transportation business surely require fleet management. Fleet management plays a very important role in determining the success of transportation companies or businesses. Fleet management Okays a very important role in minimizing risk for a transportation business. The role of fleet management today, in improving efficiency for transportation businesses is also part of what has ensured the success of a number of commercial transportation undertakings.

In terms of scope, the scope of fleet management has also widened considerably today from what it was many years ago. Today, fleet management goes beyond just managing transportation equipment to financing, safety management, tracking, fuel management, driver management and vehicle diagnostics.

Transportation management companies have also been able to reduce their cost through the use of fleet management. To also survive the competition in the transportation industry today, companies have figured out means and methods to endure their survival. The fleet management function has taken on different dimensions today depending on the size of the company. Some companies have an in-house fleet management system while others have outsourced the function so that they can be able to focus on other parts of the business.

A lot that is possible today in the transportation management business today that has been made possible through fleet management has been made possible by technology. All efficient fleet management systems today run on technology. Technology has changed the fleet management landscape today through the application of software.

Fleet Management Software That Is Available Today

With the impact of technology being felt in every industry and craft, the impact of technology on fleet management has been remarkable. This has led to the emergence of a number of fleet management software being developed by various software engineers and companies.

Fleet management software makes it possible for companies to manage their fleet of vehicles, trucks etc.

Today, with Software as a Service (SaaS) Fleet Management Software is now provided as SaaS. The availability of fleet management software has made it possible for transportation companies to import and export information from different sources for the growth and success of the business.

Why Exspeedite Eclipses All Competing Software

Fleet management software is not equal. Each different fleet management software brings something to the table for transportation management. But one fleet management software remains outstanding, and that is Exspeedite.

Exspeedite fleet management software is unique for several reasons and remains the best choice fleet management software for the transportation industry and transportation companies of any size.

Here, I shall present to us, why Exspeedite eclipses all competing software and remains the best choice fleet management software.


  • Quality


You might wonder why, of all the available fleet management software, l say Exspeedite is the best. Well, the answer is simple, quality. Quality is something that essentially makes Exspeedite different from all the other software.

Exspeedite focuses on the enterprise software niche where other companies lacks the specialized enterprise trucking software structure to allow them to compete with the larger trucking companies in the competitive transport industry.


  • Operations


No other software supports your operations like Exspeedite. The Exspeedite fleet management software has been designed to manage and handle all the areas of your operation from HR and integration of business processes. With Exspeedite, your management will benefit from an exclusive infrastructure linking all technologies, business processes, and functions together in one convenient place.


  • Performance


Exspeedite understands the importance of performance. In fact, this has been the guiding principle of their business. Exspeedite increases the performance of your business through its outstanding software to ensure customer satisfaction and exceptional retention. Every transportation company that places a premium on performance should look no further than Exspeedite.


  • Flexibility


From my experience, I have seen and known that most fleet management software out there in the market lack flexibility. Users cannot customize the software to suit their specific needs. But Exspeedite changes all that. Exspeedite surpasses industry leaders when it comes to flexibility and overall use. 

You can customize your menu of software options to fit exactly with your business needs and processes. This is unique from Exspeedite.

  • Up-To-Date

Exspeedite offers the most up-to-date technology for transportation businesses through its software. Exspeedite is constantly fine-tuning its system. Exspeedite fleet management software has been packed with a lot of innovations and value.


  • Easy-To-Use


Apart from its flexibility, Exspeedite is easy to use. You can the Exspeedite software with a single mouse click. This is made further easier with the training provided by the company.


In conclusion, of the numerous fleet management software that is available in the market today, Exspeedite software has proven to be the best choice for fleet management. The developers of Exspeedite software have shown through the application of their more than 15 years of experience in transportation management and providing technological solutions to fleet management problems that they are the team to beat.

Also, Exspeedite remains the best choice for fleet management because of its ability to have developed a system that caters to the needs of all classes of transportation companies, the very big, the big, the medium sized and the small sized transportation companies.

If you desire to see your company grow and you want fleet management software that will grow with you, Exspeedite remains your best choice today.