Good Tricks If You Are Doing Web Development

A new year begins, so at this moment it is important to start with the right foot, for you who do not want to stay behind the news, it is essential to be aware of all the trends pointed as potential engines of dynamism and differentiation in the technological market.

Ascension of programming languages

It has been the trend for the year 2018, and as expected, some programming languages will continue to rise as a preference for programmers in 2019.

The Java language, which is strongly used in the corporate environment and already carries with it a repertoire of well-structured and mature libraries, will probably tend to remain at the top as the most widely used language.

However, it is worth highlighting the clear growth of the preference of a huge range of programmers by JavaScript, both on the client and server side. Much of that because it is considered the ideal language for those who have an interest in the development of interactive web pages, and that is supported by the main types of browsers.

PWA and Chatbot

PWA is the acronym for Progressive Web Apps, it was already a long time ago, but it was only the subject of attention when it began to have a greater interest in analysing the behaviour of online customers. PWA is a software development methodology that works based on JavaScript, CSS and HTML, and basically has the objectives of simplifying the user’s interactive process with the platform, as well as the interaction between both, which directly involves the process selling.

Although not necessarily something of 2019, in recent years a growing evolution has been identified, mainly in 2018 with the chatbot based on neural networks and artificial intelligence, showing a significant contributory importance in the subject of virtual communication.

One Page website

The unique pages are another latent trend of web development for the year 2019, because more and more users are looking for simplification and ease of searching/obtaining information within the virtual environment.

Therefore, these applications in single pages, where all information is exposed to the user in an accurate, clean and complete, has become a trend for web developers. For the next few years, a UX design work within that sense, will make single page websites deliver results successfully.


It has become a hot topic in the area of technology, functioning as a kind of ‘accounting book’, it is a technology that allows the registration, validation and verification of transactions. Well known for its application behind Bitcoin, this technology walks in an export tendency for other possible contexts, such as the health area or jobs for example.

It is worth seeing this trick, since it allows a complete record of the circulation of the data, resulting in an increase in the security and reliability aspects.

These tricks surely set you high on the scale when it comes to IT and keeping up with all trends and tricks. If you still want to know more about this topic, visit Aviatrix.