How To Make Managing Multiple Marketing Clients Easy

Verily! Every agency marketer can relate to the complexity or the hard task involved in managing multiple clients. Here is the reality; juggling multiple accounts will not only require from you a high level of prioritization but also, you must be well organized and even more importantly, you must be able to share documents with ease through a reliable document sharing portal. 

There are times that you might hardly hear from a client at all, What about those clients that tend to change their mind after you both must have agreed on a particular thing? Or those clients that request for last-minute tasks and project?

Whatever your own story as an agency marketer, the fact that you need to deliver fast top-notch or quality service under huge pressure will still never change. Trust me! If you are not too good at organizing yourself or prioritizing your work, a lot of things can definitely go wrong. Now, when things go wrong, we tend to make some excuses, “only if there were enough resources, we would have executed the project more effectively” or “if we had enough budget, we would have had fewer problems.” But do you think these excuses are best for your reputation or professionalism? No! Remember that there is only one rule when offering your service to clients, and that rule is “No excuse.”

So, as a busy agency team, how do you manage multiple clients and give a stop to client management struggle? Before we go into ways to Make Managing Multiple Marketing Clients Easy, it might be worth emphasizing on the importance of a secured sharing mechanism between you and your clients, because regardless of how many clients you manage, each client will still need to feel secure. In summary of Managing Multiple Marketing Clients Easy, there are three points to look out for, and these points are:

  • How to boost efficiency through the establishment of positive routines and workflows
  • How to organize your content and stick firmly to deadlines
  • How to get the project done right the first time and maintain a good relationship with clients.

How to Make Managing Multiple Marketing Clients Easy;

Be organized

Try as much as possible to put first things first. Start with yourself, and make use of effective project management tools and easy file sharing portal like FileCenter that can help you create a collaborative atmosphere of trust and transparency. 

If at all you need to get organized, then you will have to start with yourself and offer a better service to your clients. Also, prioritization can also come as a result of organizing your team, and this will prevent your team from getting overwhelmed. Put the needed tools and workflows in place to help you work faster and successful with your clients. Also, ensure that you stick firmly to deadlines. As much as possible, hold yourself to deadlines. 

Use a calendar you can work with 

If you are one of those lucky people that can look at the calendar early in the morning and stay on track for the all-day, great for you. For the rest of us, you can keep checking every 15 minutes before appointments. But the point here is to create a company or team calendar so that your teams know what exactly you are doing and at what time you are doing it. You can also do well by syncing it on all of your devices so that it can be accessed anywhere and at anytime.

Create a positive morning routine and workflow 

Spare yourself the time to create a task list for the day. Check your email, sip some coffee and remember that the most important thing is to create a positive routine that works for you. When you are able to establish a positive morning routine, you tend to be more productive as you set the pace for the rest of the day. Read this article on Forbes and understand how to become more productive.

What about workflow? You can do better work even in a short time. Doubtlessly, it is realistic and achievable. 

Work with clearly labeled folders 

Ensure that you build yourself a clear file structure and store all of your business documents in labeled folders. For each of your clients, create a folder for them and you can thereafter add subfolders for the project or work that you do for them. This action gives you easy accessibility and good arrangement. Be sure of your tools: Irrespective of the tools you are working with, be it project management tools or communication tools, ensure that you are using the best. 

These days, there are lots of options to choose from. Your project management tools are critically essential for the success of your client’s project. Although there are a lot of project management tools, having the right tools will ensure the success of your client’s project. The other type of tool you will need is your communication tool. You will likely need those for communicating both internally and externally, making it two different kinds of communication tools. You will also need to select other tools like Execution and Reporting tools.

Establish a plan and stick to it 

One of the challenges of agency marketer does not lie in the fact that they do not establish a plan, but in the fact that they are unable to stick to it. It is very important to have an outline of goals and deliverables when it comes to campaign or project planning. Identify the goal and make available the necessary materials. When you stick to the plan, you will be able to tell those clients that easily change their mind on the agreed plan that there was an initial plan and show them what it looks like.

Do not be scared to say No! 

See, you are human too and you might not be able to execute all of your client’s requests at all times. If you can’t accommodate a client’s last-minute request without altering the quality of your initial client, then you might need to say NO.