Most Helpful Influencer Search Engine In 2019

A decade before, we’d never have thought that influencer marketing would become such a huge thing. But, no one predicted that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would become such an integral part of our lives either. Years of marketing campaigns have already established that the human element is a huge factor in convincing the targeted customers as well.

All these factors, when combined with a lot of successful case studies, give us all the more reasons to check out influencer marketing. But the big question is something else — how to find the right online influencer for your target?

The Thing about Influencer Marketing

The last time we checked, there are thousands of online influencers in every category — be it tech, science, fashion, entertainment or travel. To make things worse, there are times when you want to find influencers from multiple categories such as Travel and Tech. These are some of the reasons why you need a dedicated influencer search engine in 2019 for all your marketing needs. As it happens, we are here to talk about one of those uber-cool influencer search engines out there — InflueNex. Down below, we have a quick review of InflueNex and how it helps you make influencer marketing campaigns seamless. Shall we begin?

What Is InflueNex?

If you need the shortest description, InflueNex is a centralized platform for business ventures to find the right influencers and vice versa. Spread over up to ten categories, there are 2 million influencer profiles you can find on this platform. It’s like Facebook, but completely redesigned and optimized for your marketing needs.

There are also some features that customers love. For instance, InflueNex allows you to not just find the influencer marketers but also proceed with the campaign. You don’t have to search the web for getting the contact details. InflueNex offers an easy way to keep in touch with the marketers and get the job done.

There are a few key elements in InflueNex that you should know.

InflueNex — the Key Elements

Let’s have a look at the key areas where InflueNex can help you as an influencer search engine.

  • InflueNex has an amazing collection of influencer profiles. Even when you have a deeper set of filters, you would be able to find the right digital marketing influencer for your brand/business. The list can include big shots like MKBHD and PewDiePie too. The best part is that InflueNex allows you to get in touch with these influencers regarding your marketing campaign.

  • Influencer Management is another strong forte of InflueNex. Suppose you are planning a campaign with multiple influencers. Even in that case, InflueNex would help you in keeping track of all activities with respect of individual influencers. The fact that you can analyze the performance and CPV of all influencers add much value to the features.

  • YouTube Analysis Tools are yet another reason why you should go for InflueNex. There are a number of ways in which you can analyze the current worth, reachability and overall profit of a YouTube video or a channel. The same is applicable once you have published the campaign video. The platform has created its own standard for analyzing the reach of digital content and this makes a lot of sense.
  • In addition to these, InflueNex provides a clear picture of YouTube creators through its free tools. It is possible to use these tools for understanding where you should invest and where you should not.

We haven’t explained every feature that InflueNex has. However, we hope you have an idea about the whole inclusive nature of this influencer search engine.

How To Search for The Right Influencer via InflueNex?

Now, let’s have a quick look at the steps of finding the right digital influencer using this website.

  • You have to log on to and create an account. You can use the website without a private account, but an account gives you more control.

  • Now, you can see the Search area. Enter the keyword or the YouTube channel name that you want to search for. From the options below, you can make filters like Category, Area, Language, Number of Subscribers, Engagement Rates etc.

  • As you provide the filters, InflueNex would suggest you a YouTube channel that meets your criteria. You can also see the InflueNex Score on the right side. This score indicates the reachability of a said channel.

  • Click on the channel name to see the complete InflueNex profile. Now, this opens up an big collection of information regarding the channel. You may have to sign up for a premium account for accessing all the data, but that’s fine, we suppose.
  • Once you have decided the influencer to go with, you can Send Invitation from InflueNex itself. You will receive the reply in your inbox.

As you can see, the whole process is very simple, and you get the job done.

Why InflueNex Is The Most Useful Influencer Search Engine?

There are a few reasons why we love InflueNex as an influencer search engine. And we believe that will be the case for almost every marketer.

  • It’s a Complete Solution: InflueNex helps you from the ground level itself. As you just saw, you can finish the whole process of influencer marketing from the very single platform. Also, the richness in terms of influencers is incomparable.

  • It Offers Many Features: There are quite a lot of awesome features in the InflueNex package. You can count on these when it comes to understanding the value of a YouTube channel or gathering other data about a certain influencer.

  • It’s Intuitive: You don’t need decades of experience to use InflueNex. It’s very simple and provides all the steps you need to follow in the Guide section. At the end of the day, you have fewer things to be worried about.

The Bottom Line

Definitely, InflueNex is our answer if you are looking for the most helpful influencer search engine you can currently have. When we say helpful, we mean that in the complete sense. Like, the tool helps you in every step of the campaign timeline, and that’s something great to begin with.