Smart Equipment For The Security Of Rental Flats

Are you a landlord or a renter? In both cases, you have to arrange special security measures for your flats for rent. Security is an essential concern for both renters and landlords. If you want to attract good renters, make sure to offer them the necessary facilities. Security is at the top of these facilities.

You can turn your apartments into smart homes with a wireless control center, water sensors, a connected lock, and thermostat. Arrange a meet-and-green once a week or twice a month to answer queries of tenants. Nowadays, smart equipment can make it easy for you to increase your security. Here are some suitable options.

Security Cameras

To increase security, install cameras at a rental property. Security cameras become necessary for a multifamily rental property. Place these cameras at the entrances of the property and in common places, in hallways and stairwells. Avoid placing security cameras in the apartments of tenants.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is an easy way to prevent crime. Make sure to install adequate lighting inside and outside of your rental property. With indoor lights, you can make stairwells and hallways bright. You have to replace burnt-out bulbs instantly.

Outdoor lights are necessary to install in the back and front of the property. Keep these areas well lit to discourage thieves and other suspicious people. Remember, the front porch and driveways must be illuminated. Feel free to install motion-activated lights for the protection of tenants.

Secure Doors

If you want to secure exit and entry doors of a property, install safe and robust doors. These should be made of wood or steel. Avoid using a glass door because criminals can break it to enter your property.

Deadbolt locks can be a suitable replacement of standard locks. Choose them for exit or entrance for maximum security. These locks are complicated for a criminal to open and break in the property. Moreover, add chain locks on the doors with deadbolt locks for maximum security. In this way, you can impress your tenants with extra security measures.

Peepholes and Intercom System

You can’t forget peepholes in the doors of flats for rent. It will allow them to see the person outside without opening the door. Moreover, the intercom system is necessary for a multifamily property. It will allow tenants to communicate with a person at their front door without leaving their apartment. In this way, they can call trusted people in their building.

Secure Windows

Remember, while protecting doors you can’t forget about windows. Criminals can break in your property through windows. Arrange working locks for all windows, even for a flat on the third floor. Make sure to replace a jammed lock because people may need windows for the fire escape. 

For maximum security, add security bars in windows on the first floor. It will affect the aesthetic appeal of property; therefore, the crime rate of your area. Consider this option if you don’t want any compromise on your security. Moreover, an alarm system should be wired into every apartment.