The Best Tool For Creating Prototypes – Wondershare Mockitt

One of the most critical steps in UX/UI design process is making a prototype. Creating prototype is one of the most rewarding and fun step you take when designing an app or web. When you create prototype you bring theoretical or conceptual ideas to life. Prototyping gives you an opportunity to streamline the application or web development process, paying attention on the most critical interface elements. The process precedes the launching of the ultimate product. By creating prototype you are able to present your idea to end users clearly, simulate final design and improve the quality of your app or site.  For high quality prototype, you should always use the best tool. Wondershare Mockitt is the best prototyping tool you can use to create prototype for Android, IOS or personal computer. Let’s have a look at the tool and how to use it to create prototype online. 

Introduction of Wondershare Mockitt


Wondershare Mockitt is a top prototyping tool that assists you create prototype online for highly interactive applications. By using the tool, you can easily validate and implement the concept. The platform can help turn interactive designs into animated prototypes with no coding involved. With the tool you can test your prototype UI designs for both PC and mobile. The learning curve with Wondershare Mockitt is almost zero because even beginners can use it to create prototype like professionals. With its more than twenty industry specific templates, components libraries, connect elements and easy drag and drop function, the tool is a great option for both vast experienced and new prototype designers. The tool allows designers visualize the final design using interactive transitions and gestures. You can apply interactive linking for dragging and dropping links. This helps show the relationships between pages. 


When using Wondershare Mockitt, there is no need to transfer files manually to others. Besides, you do not have to send links for others to edit, view or comment on the prototype project. The tool allows you share your prototype with others by just clicking the sharing button once. It also makes it possible for several people to view and edit on the same project in real time simultaneously. Thus, it is a perfect solution for designers working as a team. Wondershare Mockitt has a handoff features that helps you bring the entire team on the same page as you create prototype online. It allows developers, designer and project managers to check up quickly for a certain function and work in a more efficient way.

How to Register For Mockitt 

Designers can register for Wondershare Mockitt for free, but the free package has limitations such as ability to create only three projects every year and access to twenty screens per project. There is a personal plan costing $ 69 per year that works for small teams or for individual designers. With this package, you cannot download your projects or use inbuilt templates. There is also the premium package costing $ 99 per year. 

How to Create Prototype Online With Mockitt 

Here are steps to follow on how to create a prototype with Wondershare Mockitt. 

Step 1: Begin a New Prototype Project 

Create an account on and sign in. Then you need create a new project on the dashboard. If you are in Personal Space, please click “Create” and then choose “Project”. In the new window, please type the name of your prototype project and choose the device you are creating prototype for.  You can choose mobile, tablets mobile pages, watches or others. Then click “Create” button.

Step 2: Start the Prototype Design Process 

  • After you click “Create” button, you are taken to the editing area.
  • Choose your prototype components from the asset library.  
  • Click each component you want to add to your prototype design. 
  • Drag and drop the components to your screens.
  • After adding the components to your design, edit them as a group. 
  • Rename the components.
  • Create interactive flow- create dynamic widgets and choose magic view to showcase your

components in a more interactive flow. 

  • Add transition effects- click and add the gestures, built in transitions and animations.

Step 3: Preview Your Prototype

  • Click the “Preview” button. 
  • On the left side of your canvas, click zoom to help have a clear view of your prototype. This helps see how your prototype design looks like. 
  • Double click on the board to make a comment before sharing the prototype with others for preview. 

Step 4: Share Your Prototype

  • On the upper right side, click “Share” button.  You need to share it with other stakeholders so that they can preview and give feedback to help you make the necessary improvements. 
  • Copy the share link. You will find the copy button below the app on the window that appears after you click the share button.  Share the URL with others so that they can preview it online too. 
  • Close the share window.
  • Exit and go back to the editing area.