The Pakistan Sports Startup Sportskot

What Does SportSkot Deal With?

SportSkot was started at the Plan9 incubation process that happened recently and with time it managed to get financial aid from SMAC, WifiGen, and Mezaaj. From here the entity has landed on two feet regardless of the inevitable problems that come with being a new organization in town. It is now ready to make history by growing the number of exports they make annually. They are also aiming at growing and spreading their services to ease their accessibility globally.

Sialkot is popularly known for the production of hand-made sports commodities which include:

  • Crickets Bats
  • Footballs
  • Rugby Balls
  • Tennis balls
  • BaseBalls
  • Table tennis balls

It is also designed the ball that was used in the World cup FIFA in 2014 together with the Brazuca and the Forward spots. Making an export of 42 million Brazucas, Sialkot is a global supplier. 

The History Of SportSkot

Sialkot is also referred to as the cottage city in Pakistan. This city is known for its splendid production of hand-made products. Its expertise is dated back in the year 1895 after it was crowned with the ‘British Empire Sports Award’. So the individuals who produce the sports items nowadays are descendants of the proficient settlers of the locality and they have developed their skills over the years together with the development of machines that have made work easier for them.

SportSkot Funding

One of the founders Junaid Akhtar according to Tech Juice claims that Waqas was their client before becoming their investors, saying that he has contributed greatly to the growth of the entity because he has supermarts in Scotland that are making sales for the company. Waqas was impressed with the quality of the commodities that were sold to him at first and demanded more than from then the partnership grew and resulted in the investment that he has made today.

Based on reports from Junaid,  Waqas is one of the major and recent investors that they have acquired. Saying that this partnership is a big deal for the institution and there would be no words to express the gratitude.

Producing quality football and Rugby items has led to major investments form different individuals for example, from the Mezaaj investment of half a million dollars. Pakistan has generated over 9000 Euros to fund the investor based in the UK.

The main issue being the contrast between the Pakistan sports entity and the online marketing of the sporting commodities. The main aim of this sporting space is to make sales on sporting items that are essential in the field. The products are made in Sialkot and sold to international individuals via the sports SMEs. 

The aim is not only to make connections for the common craftsman to the international sector but also to help in supporting the sports sector.

The online business started its journey of fame when they made a major export of TangoBall back in the year 1982 during the FIFA World Cup. From then the sports sector has then skyrocketed in Pakistan. Producing a total of 85% of the soccer balls that are used all over the world the online entity has been a motivation to most while also providing job opportunities for most citizens in Pakistan. It creates a market for local craftsman’s products thus helping to eschew brokers whose main intention is to take advantage of other people’s hard work.

SportSkot has not stopped its journey of development since it has collaborated with incubator Plan9 to grow its sales and also improve on Pakistan’s sports processing industry. With Plan9 the entity is guaranteed that it will be marketed and make new clients and investors who will greatly contribute to the growth of it.

The Problem

Sialkot has developed as an industrial locality since the olden days and now on the verge of destruction in the cottage sectors. Leaving the middlemen making millions and millions of made selling products from Pakistan leaving out the common citizen who has done most of the work. Paying them peanuts to even barely survive. It was time to make that stop and give Caesar what belonged to him after SportSkot whose main priority is the local craftsmen.

The Solution

This startup was to minimize the gap between the local and the internal client. It does not necessarily aim at killing the broker, it only wants to ensure that the local man gets maximum reward for his hard work and also helps in growing the cottage industry in Pakistan.

This cottage online platform has generated an easier way to make payments. Giving the client a chance to only make payment of the delivered items to the SportSkot account. The client first checks the items to confirm they meet the agreed description then sends a confirmation to the service provider who later sends the payment to the local craftsman. They also offer cash on delivery methods of payment that assures the client’s satisfaction. This team is guided by the following virtues:

  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Time-consciousness


This online entity will be a major enterprise in the next couple of years to come generating and improving Pakistan’s economy. It has also generated the currency growth rate in the country due to the number of exports made. All that can be said is that SportSkot is a good influencer in Pakistan. They will soon have big training institutes to teach individuals from all over the world the beauty of practicing the skill of hand-made sports equipment.