The Right Design: What Can Infographics Do For Your Company?

Since their introduction into web culture and content generation a few years ago, infographics have continued to grow in popularity among bloggers, affiliate marketers and businesses of all sizes. You’ve likely seen many of them floating around in your social media feeds over the years. But if you’ve never used them yourself to promote your business, it’s time to learn about their benefits.

There are tons of good reasons to include infographics in your content marketing campaigns, but here are the three most important ones that can have a measurable impact on your business.

1. Infographics Are Easy for Your Audience to Read and Understand

The main reason that infographics are so popular is that they are fun to look at! They take a lot of interesting information and break it down into tiny, digestible chunks illustrated with colorful cartoons and simply-designed artwork.

To put it into digital marketing terminology: infographics make it easy for your readers to quickly scan your content, draw out the main points and take action as needed.

But this doesn’t just happen by accident. A well-designed infographic must start out with a solid concept, include succinct copy, flow both visually and logically from point to point and be tied together with appealing graphical elements.

When putting together infographics for your business, you might get lucky and get good results from a cheap, amateur designer using free infographic design templates. But to get consistent results for your business it’s generally recommended to hire an Infographic Design Service with the skills and experience needed to pull off viral content.

2. Infographics Can Easily Go Viral

The power of infographics is proven time and time again by the frequency with which this type of content goes viral online. Infographics are highly shareable, meaning that readers love sharing them on social media and linking to them from their own sites. This tends to result in tons of traffic back to your website.

Infographics engage readers on several levels, so it’s no wonder that readers spend more time on the page, get more value and understanding from the content and share these pieces of content more often than they do with text-heavy blog posts. But both types of content are valuable, and both have their place in your content marketing campaigns.

When infographics are published, it might take a little time to pick up momentum. But as your regular readers begin to share the content within their circles of influence, you’ll begin to see spikes of traffic here and there as new shares are occuring. The referral traffic you get from a well-received infographic can be substantial. There’s no precise way to predict which infographics will go viral, but as you get more of them out there, you will start to see the impact.

But the best is yet to come…

3. Infographics Improve Your SEO

While viral referral traffic is exciting, it can also be short lived. And its ability to convert to leads and sales will vary greatly depending on the content and the audiences with which it gets shared. The true power of infographics is in their ability to gain backlinks, improve your search rankings and boost organic traffic from search engines.

This is where the magic really happens. People on social media who see your post and come to check out your site might not necessarily be close to making a buying decision, as social media users are often just in browsing mode. That can still boost your brand awareness, so it does contribute to your success. But social traffic doesn’t always convert well immediately.

Search traffic, on the other hand, tends to be much more targeted — making it more profitable in the short term. So rising in the search rankings for targeted keywords — thanks to all those shares and backlinks created by your infographics — often leads to more conversions and sales overall.

Marketing your business on the internet is one of the most important activities you can engage in for growing your brand and making more sales. And this will continue to be a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy as more people make the internet part of their daily lives.

Incorporating infographics into your content marketing strategy is a smart choice. This content tends to attract a lot of shares and backlinks, bringing more traffic to your site. People love well-constructed and informative infographics, so you’ll definitely want to invest in this type of content and measure the results for yourself going forward.