The Role Of Sales Demos In The Success Of Your Salesforce


What is the core objective of every single business ever started? The major focus of every business is to generate revenue. With all the nobly stated betterment-of-mankind objectives aside, ultimately, every business must generate income for its survival.

The business world is not a social service agency. It is a money-generating undertaking for everyone who enters it. The startup costs alone cause many aspiring business owners to rethink their new business ideas.

Being able to cover start-up costs and generate sufficient income is just simply too daunting for many entrepreneurs. Starts up costs are just the first hurdle. Secondly and even more demanding, is generating revenue sufficient to offset money already spent in start-up costs?

Every business failing to do both cannot survive harsh business reality. All new business owners face the two-fold financial task of covering operation costs and generating a profit.

What is the major source of income and profit for every business? It is sales. How well a business does sales determines whether or not that business is a financially viable one or not. We offer some useful information about different aspects of the sales process below.

Sales Enablement

An effective and successful sales force must first be enabled by the business owners for whom they work. Selling is a multi-step process. Enabling a business sales force is therefore multi-faceted. It begins with extensive training in both the product and the sales process itself.

Think of training a sales force as enabling and equipping it. This is a key responsibility of every business for its sales force. Every job needs tools and equipment to get the job done. Sales training is that sales person’s ultimate tool set.

Dynamics of the Sales Process

Think for a moment about the key parts of the actual sales transaction. What are the two most basic elements? They are customer need or desire, and the product that meets that need or desire based on certain customer criteria.

The salesperson’s task is to show that customer how their product is the best choice for meeting that need or desire. Every successful salesman must know the keys to triggering that customer’s desire to purchase.

What is a salesperson’s most regularly used tool for initiating the customer’s desire to purchase that particular product? It is words, and more precisely, how the sales person uses those words.

Ultimately, the customer either decides to accept the salesperson’s offer and purchase the product; or, for reasons sometimes only the customer knows, decides not to purchase. If prospective customers are opting not to purchase the company product all too frequently, additional measures are implemented.

The Key to Increased Sales

The most effective sales aid by far is an actual sample of the product and its performance. Words can only accomplish so much toward creating a mental image. Too often, mere words are not sufficient to trigger that all-important close of sale.

If the sales person is equipped with a model of what he is selling, he is sufficiently furnished to do sales demos. You can read more here: Nothing is more effective and visually stimulating than actually seeing the product in action.

The old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words is multiplied infinitely with an actual, physical demonstration. A salesperson gets the opportunity to create a vivid, living image in the customer’s mind. These images are far more impressionable and lasting than any words the salesperson could use.

Equips Your Salesperson

Smart sales staff trainers know the best-equipped salesperson generates the most sales. Equipping the salesperson with product knowledge and sales skills is one thing. Arming him with an actual sample of the product is the ultimate strategy for equipping a sales staff.

Offers First Hand Evidence

What is the major difference between seeing a product at work and being told about it? The customer has first-hand evidence and proof that the product is everything the salesperson has represented it to be. This kind of product witness is indisputable.

Clarifies Questions About Product

Another huge advantage of the product demonstration is that the customer has an opportunity to learn the product. As the customer sees the product in action, it presents an ideal time for the customer to clarify any questions about the product.

Convinces Customer

Sales closes require convincing customers of the product merit and worth. Nothing convinces more readily than a firsthand, eye-witness experience. Two major goals are achieved simultaneously. They are establishing company honesty and demonstrating product quality. These two factors practically guarantee customer loyalty. Customer loyalty, in the end, is what establishes strong, vibrant companies.

Dramatically Increases Close Rate

Convinced customers are usually buying customers. Sales personnel who have product knowledge and a readily available product for demonstration experience significantly higher successful close rates.


Customers generally appreciate an honest, forthright company with a great product and the willingness to stand behind that product after the sale. Give your sales staff every tool to be successful. Doing so will garner massively improved sales efforts.